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Boat & Yacht Rent in Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris, An Ideal Destination for a Yacht or Boat Charter Holiday

Located in southwest Turkey, Marmaris is a seaside resort along the Mediterranean coast at the crossroads of the Aegean Sea. It’s located in the province of Mugla, which stretches from Bodrum in the west to Fethiye in the east.

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At the port, which occupies a central place in the town of Marmaris, you can be impressed by the incredible speed boats that moor there and stroll through the large, typically Turkish bazaars while admiring the magnificent beach.

It’s a trendy destination in the summer due to the splendor of the place and its ideal conditions for a holiday with your partner, family or friends. In fact, the city is twice or even three times more populated during the summer season than during the rest of the year.

Marmaris is a city with a rather rich cultural heritage and an ancient and exciting history. A wide variety of historical sites and monuments await you.

To discover Marmaris through an unforgettable cruise, opt for boat hire and admire the idyllic landscapes of the region, the white sandy beaches, and the turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.

The possible itineraries are very numerous and are easily adaptable to your desires: you can discover wonders such as the Greek island of Rhodes, which is located in front of Marmaris, the island of the Cedar, or Kaunos. Don’t miss the countless hidden coves that offer you more tranquility than the center of Marmaris and are only accessible by boat.

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Taste the local specialties in the typical restaurants found throughout the region and get to know the warm and welcoming locals to familiarise yourself with the culture.

Various water sports activities are available in Marmaris, whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor!

How to sail in Marmaris?

Marmaris enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, even hot temperatures all year round. As far as the climate is concerned, we recommend this destination from March to the end of December when the sunshine is constant, temperatures vary between 18 and 33 degrees, and rainfall is scarce.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional in the nautical field, Marmaris is an undemanding destination for sailing. There are no tides, currents are rare as are wind and swell. Discover sailing in optimal and relaxing conditions.

Marmaris, a very popular destination in July and August, is even more pleasant outside the high season. Indeed, these two summer months are usually the hottest and driest of the year, but especially those in which Marmaris is most visited.

Don’t hesitate to drop anchor and enjoy swimming from your boat. Enjoy the translucent water with a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees, and don’t forget your mask and snorkel to get a glimpse of the seabed and its inhabitants. Thanks to your private Marmaris boat rental, enjoy the most isolated coves.

Marmaris’ must-see attractions

A wide variety of itineraries are possible for your cruise in Marmaris, according to your expectations. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of Marmaris’ bays, the authenticity of its city center, and the dynamism of its nightlife.

Marmaris is, of course, famous for its heavenly landscapes and turquoise waters, but its cultural dimension is no less relevant. First of all, visit the oldest part of the city called Ashartepe, located in the highest part of the city. Here visitors will find the ancient fortress dating from the Ottoman period, historical monuments, and archaeological research, as well as a panorama of Marmaris and its coast.

Then, for those who love hiking, leave your chartered boat at anchor and go and discover the mountains of Marmaris, its valleys, pine forest, and mountain ridges. Follow the footpath and see the impressive fauna and flora of this exotic place.

Semi private beach in Marmaris Turkey

Use the chance to hire a self-drive boat form Marmaris, to head towards Ekinçik limani and anchor in front of the beach in the heart of the bay. Here you can relax and enjoy the low level of traffic: with your Marmaris yacht charter, you have the opportunity to go to places that are not easily accessible, intimate, and secluded.

Finally, it would be incomplete not to mention the lively nightlife of Marmaris. The city is full of small restaurants, bars and even discos where you can meet in the evening and share a friendly moment with friends.

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