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Aquanautia – waterproof adventure shorts made from recycled plastic bottles

Aquanautia waterproof adventure shorts

Too often we find ourselves on the beach with the desire to swim, catch a wave, jump from a boat and we don`t know what to do with our wallet or smartphone. The solutions so far have been to stash everything under a towel, hide valuables in a fake dirty diaper, or take turns with friends. But ain`t no fun in that, and it`s totally unsafe, meet the Aquanautia waterproof shorts.

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Rishi Thornhill, the young founder of Aquanautia has learned this the hard way. It was during a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia that the young man recognized the need to keep his personal belongings with him. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to deprive himself of the pleasures in the water during his trips, or risk leaving his valuables unattended while worrying about them for the rest of the time. A waterproof pocket integrated into comfortable bathing shorts seemed to be the solution.

For four years, Thornhill has been working on the development and marketing of the Aquanautia shorts. And for now, the prototypes already presented cannot be more convincing.

The fabric chosen for making these shorts is actually made of 92% recycled plastic bottles! Also, it`s water repellant, stain resistant, and has the ability to dry in less than 30 minutes. And the shorts are ergonomic, comfortable, modern, and stretchable in 4 directions to ensure comfort in all circumstances. Its finishes are neat with triple stitching and a snug fit.

Waterproof pocket

Regarding the pocket itself, they are waterproof. The inside of the pocket is of course made of waterproof material, but the problem was its closure. The Aquanautia shorts have an inbuilt magnetic Gooper dry pocket that automatically seals that is extremely powerful, and it`s reinforced by the pressure of the water and guarantee optimal protection of your valuables up to 30 meters deep. And in case you were worried about putting your phone and credit cards near magnets, know that even though Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world, they are safe around both cards, and phones.

Aquanautia are available for pre-order in men’s or women’s models, in two lengths, for 90 £, or around 100 euros a pair.

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