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Nautic Norway: Sailing in the Land of the Midnight Sun (Video)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: while we’re enamored of all things Mediterranean, we’re also very much intrigued by sailing adventures further up.

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Norway is certainly a fascinating place with its Viking heritage, spectacular natural attractions, and the accolade of the happiest country in the world (read more about it in the United Nations World Happiness Report 2017. It also happens to be an incredibly unique country where the sun does not set entirely between May and July (hence the nickname ‘land of the midnight sun’). This provides visitors with unparalleled flexibility in terms of activity options, particularly those related to the great outdoors. Sailing is obviously an excellent candidate and with over 1,000 fjords to choose from, mariners are bound to have a great boating experience just about anywhere they choose to go.

Nautic Sailing from Feber Film on Vimeo.

Nautic Sailing is a company that specializes in the provision of sailing holidays and clients have the possibility of choosing between bareboating (obviously for individuals who already have sailing experience) and sailing with the support of a skipper. In either case, customers have the utmost freedom to create an itinerary that is best suited to their exigencies and preferences. Through this beautifully shot video clip, it is possible for us to admire the (almost unreal) landscapes, the quaint waterside buildings, and of course, the dynamic sailing experience across the crisp water. This video clip was shot in the area around Bergen in Western Norway, a part of the country that is known for narrow fjords that are seamlessly integrated with the surrounding mountains. The area is breathtakingly beautiful and we can only imagine how memorable it is to sail within this setting.

While the Mediterranean Sea will probably always remain our favorite sailing destination, we must admit that this video clip has piqued our interest and a sailing trip in Norway is something that we’re adding to our bucket list as we speak.

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