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Power Yacht vs Sailing Yacht: How to Choose the Ideal Yacht for Your Sailing Adventure

How to Choose the Ideal Yacht for Your Sailing Adventure

You might wonder why anyone would need help choosing between a sailing yacht and a power yacht. It’s easy, you might say: it depends on the kind of person you are. If you want to be involved in the actual experience, choose a sailing yacht. If you’re more interested in getting that tan, choose a power yacht. Yes… and no. The truth is, with strides in yacht technology and design, some lines between both have become blurred. This is just what we wish to do with this article today: sharpen the differences between both and highlight what makes each yacht type unique and memorable. So the next time you charter a yacht, you pick the one which best suits your sailing holiday expectancies.

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  1. Journey vs. Destination

In all fairness, we might have chosen the most difficult of differences to start off with. Reason being that, while this might have been relevant in the past, both a power yacht and a sailing yacht today offer enough commodities to be able to enjoy both the destination and the time it takes to get there. Traditionally, however, since a power yacht is by definition a more powerful vessel, it should be your preferred choice if you’re interested in getting to your destination as quickly as possible. With a sailing yacht, you can take your sweet time, relying on just the wind to carry you forward. So if time is of no consequence, you might wish to give the sailing yacht a thought.

  1. Comfort vs. Intimacy

There is no denying the fact that a power yacht will be bigger and therefore more comfortable. The cabins are larger and the deck is ideally designed to entertain larger groups. A sailing boat is more constrained in this regard, with smaller cabins (though some of the larger sailing yachts really challenge this statement) and a more intimate deck area. It makes it ideal for families and close friends, though it could offer challenges if you’re trying to avoid your aunt who is constantly bemoaning her darling Coco (the annoying Chihuahua) who got left behind. To each his own.

  1. Involvement vs. Detachment

While many holiday-goers will charter a yacht so they can relax and fully detach from having any kind of responsibilities, others look forward to really getting their hands dirty. If you’re all for sipping cocktails and flipping through your latest read while the sun slowly turns your skin to a divine bronze, then it’s safe to assume that a power yacht will be your best bet. If you really want to participate in getting your yacht to its destination, then a sailing yacht will satisfy your sailor-cravings best. Just make sure you discuss this when chartering your yacht.

The type of yacht you choose will be largely dictated by the type of holiday you’re looking to have. There is obviously no right or wrong in this – it all boils down to preferences. Make sure you know what you’re in for when you choose either of the two: if you’re the type to tire of a novelty early on, you might find that a sailing boat will test your patience a few days in. If on the other hand, you think happiness is in the journey and not the destination, then you might find that a power yacht speeds through at a faster rate than you’d care to enjoy. Think of it this way: the yacht is in many ways a reflection of yourself. When you come to deciding moment, charter the yacht which speaks to your moods most.

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