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Why Sailing is the Best Way to Travel the World! (Video)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave everything behind and sail away to exotic destinations? It’s certainly something that has been on our bucket list for quite some time now and we must say that we’re slightly jealous of the fact that Tasha and Ryan are doing precisely this.

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This short video clip starts off with shots of cloudy sunsets and gentle waves while Tasha explains her life philosophy as an adventurer: “I think there’s something about adventure, exploration, going outside of your comfort zone, that really makes you feel like you’re alive.” It was this wanderlust and unquenchable desire for discovery that led Tasha to travel around the world and embarking on the most incredible adventures (including one that led to two broken collarbones and a helicopter rescue).

It was while she was traipsing around the globe that she met her future husband and travel companion Ryan and in fact, it was his idea to make the shift to a boat-based lifestyle. The couple had been running their businesses and decided to invest their earnings in a modestly sized sailboat and learn to sail. While learning to sail their 34-foot sailing boat, Tasha fell in love with this mode of travelling and became immediately hooked on a nautical way of life. Indeed, owning a boat meant that the couple could visit remote islands and destinations that could not be reached by cars or aeroplane.

Soon the couple traded up their sailing boat for a bigger boat and playfully named it Cheeky Monkey. Thanks to Cheeky Monkey, Tasha and Ryan are now able to sail around the world, immerse themselves in different cultures, meet the locals, learn about customs and traditions. It’s definitely a refreshing way of travelling or as Tasha aptly describes it “you get to see places through a back door”.

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