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Yacht Charter Hidden Gem: Fifty Shades of Blue – Island of Cres

When planning your yacht charter Croatia one area you must be sure to include is the Island of Cres.  Located in the Kvarner Gulf of the Adriatic Sea, Cres is the second largest of the 79 Croatian islands by area, yet relatively small in terms of its population (3079 in 2011).  However, being small is all part of the island’s charm.

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History of Cres Island

small town on the island of Cres in Croatia with sailboat docked in

source: Croatia Week

According to folklore, Cres is the island in which Jason and the Argonauts migrated to with the Golden Fleece.  Two of the main tourist towns on Cres are Osor and Cres Town.  Both offer a serene and historical ambience in which to explore as part of your yacht charter. Dotted around you’ll find many picturesque villages and cosy little restaurants to grab a bite to eat.  Cres Town features a relatively small harbour with a mass of tiny courtyards and alleys scattered around.

Cres has a lot to offer in terms of unspoilt beauty and history.  In the middle of the island lies a lake called, Lake Vrana.  As well as being a source of drinking water for Croatians, it’s also said to be covering the remains of a castle deep, down, beneath the waters.  For those of you who enjoy a little adventure, Cres has a topography perfect for the avid hiker.  With more than 300km of walking trails covering caves, hamlets, and beaches, there really is something for everyone to discover on this charming little island.

Isolation and natural beauty in Croatia

boat sailing to Meli beach in Cres island  in Croatia

source: Stancija Plat

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If you’re looking for somewhere to get some much-deserved rest and relaxation than Cres has some incredible beaches along the shore.  While many of them are lined with white pebbles and gravel, there are some secluded bays that have the most stunning sandy beaches.  And travelling by boat is an ideal way to reach these hidden gems on your yacht chartering in Croatia.

The island of Cres is very rich in plant life and for that reason alone makes it a beautiful place to simply walk and explore its unspoilt natural beauty.  Wild herbs and olive trees grow freely on the island, and trees are laden with apples and sweet chestnuts, creating tantalizing aromas wherever you go.  It’s also one of the last habitats of a very rare bird – the griffon vulture, and for that reason, there’s a dedicated ornithological reserve in place to protect them.

The Island of Cres – One of the true highlights of sailing in Croatia

three boats sailing to Cres Croatia

Source: Crosummer

In terms of history, the island has lots to offer.  It is home to remains of ancient towns and Catholic churches and monasteries.  Some old villages remain intact and unspoiled by modern society while a walk beneath these facades is like taking a step back in time.  Furthermore, there is also some 15th and 16th-century architecture lingering in the alleyways of the centre which offer a ready-made excuse to take a break from the yacht and start exploring the land.

Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, or want to visit somewhere that’s bursting with culture and history, the island of Cres can accommodate your needs.  So just make sure you include it in your itinerary when planning your next sailing adventure in Croatia.


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