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Uncovering the Hidden Islands of Iz and Silba in Croatia

Croatian Seas are renowned for having exquisite views and charming destinations in which to spend time in between sailing.  In fact, another hidden gem seems to unveil itself anytime you think that you have seen everything this wonderful paradise must offer. Yes, there is always something new to see while sailing in Croatia and among these delights include the islands of Iz and Silba. Here are some of the highlights of these tiny pockets you will find hidden amidst the Croatian Seas:

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Take a glimpse into life on the Island of Iz

Iz island in Croatia aerial view

Source: Waypoint

Located between Ugljan and Rava, Iz is surrounded by a series of mysterious and isolated islands which make for an unforgettable view. Interestingly, aside from its location and undeniably stunning vistas, it is the only place in Dalmatia which focuses on traditional pottery. This most certainly enhances the experience of a trip to Iz but you can also avail of many more facilities including surf, water ski, and even scuba diving in the clear blue waters.

Here are some of the best places you must visit on the Island of Iz:

  • Kolovare Beach
  • Canoe Safari on the River Zrmanja
  • Vodice Archipelago Sailing
  • Krka Waterfalls Boat Tour
  • Kornati National Park
  • Plitvice Lakes from Zadar
  • River Cetina Rafting
  • St. Stoška Cathedral
  • Nin and Pag from Zadar

Remarkable Perks on the Island of Iz

hill Korinjak and amazing landscapes of Iz island in Croatia

Source: Wikipedia

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This incredible location is the perfect stopover while along in Croatia. The strategic location makes it particularly enticing on a cruise along the Dalmatia and the hill Korinjak is a must-see attraction. From high above the shoreline, the peak of this hill promises incredible views which also make it the best place in the island to see the sunrise. There is also the Iz Festival in July which helps to remember the local way of life during ancient times and now you can expect traditional music, colourful costumes, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Experience the Island of Silba

lagoon on the Silba island in Croatia


Another hidden gem in the Zabar Archipelago is the Island of Silba which is a truly enchanting place to set foot. As with the Island of Iz, Silba has an incredible lookout at the highest point called the “Varh”. In fact, many boats and ferries can be found docked in the harbour or roaming around the region, such as the beauty of this very scenic location.

However, this does not mean that the island of Silba is overrun with tourists for not many knows about the incredible warmth and clarity of the Adriatic Sea on this side of the island. In terms of accommodation, there are also numerous private houses and apartments that you can rent at a very affordable price.

Around the Island of Silba

overlooking landscapes and sail boats docked in a marina on Silba island in  Croatia


The Island of Silba offers amazing views anywhere you look and the powdery white sands are truly spellbinding in this respect. Although there is much more to experience on this island than nature alone, for the local culture and history is just a fascinating. And then there are the numerous monuments, churches, galleries and more caves to visit – the island of Silba is overflowing with attractions.

Beaches on the island of Silba

bopat sailing on the Silba island magical azure beaches

Source: Apartments Silba

Here are the best beaches on the Island of Silba.

  • Pocukmarak
  • Tratica
  • Carpusina
  • Sotorisce

Historical landmarks

The island of Silba also takes pride of the amazing historical destinations which add colour and charm to this amazing travel destination. Here are some of the most liked monuments and churches in this amazing island.

  • Toreta
  • The Old Windmill
  • The Old Well
  • The Sails
  • St. John Church
  • St. Mary of Karmel Church
  • The Church of Saint Ante

boat sailing to a a marina on Silba island during sunset

Yes, there is more to sailing, when you charter a yacht in Croatia than meets the eye and the above are just a few examples of what you can expect. Friendly, vibrant, interesting and fun: there are few destinations which can offer the same variety in such a small and quaint location. The Croatian Archipelago can feel like a hidden treasure but taking a time to explore the secrets in this part of the world is the real reason it promises such an unforgettable adventure.

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