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10 Best Gifts for Sailors

10 Best Gifts for Sailors

Choosing a gift for anyone may get a little nerve wrecking. If you’re the type to really think the purchase through, you will want to make sure the person at the receiving end will genuinely enjoy the gift, not to mention checking to see they don’t have something similar. And you definitely don’t want to give the type of gift people re-wrap and give away at the next opportunity…

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Sometimes we’re unlucky and we get someone who, to our knowledge, isn’t really interested in much. At other times, however, we’re blessed with someone who has a passion for an activity, making it easier to work-around. Take sailing for instance; it’s a whole other world to explore in terms of gift-giving possibilities. Which is why today we’ll be focusing on 10 quirky or downright practical ideas you can gift a sailor with. We hope this will help come to your next celebratory event, so you won’t feel awkward (again) for giving the person in question the umpteenth marine-themed socks.

  1. Marine-themed accessories (that aren’t socks)

marine accessories for welcome party for a newborn baby

source: Baby Showers Ideas

Starting at the lower end of the budget scale, there are plenty of keepsakes you can gift a sailor with. Some ideas include coasters or mugs, key chains, jewellery, books… the possibilities are endless. Look for unique pieces like hand-painted or hand-made for the extra oomph.

  1. Yachting Magazine Subscription

sailing magazine cover of Yachting World

source: Yachting World

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Why not treat them to a small gift that will keep on giving for as long as you subscribe for? We bet any sailor would love something like this, especially if they’ve always wanted to subscribe but never did out of sheer lack of time. They will surely appreciate the gesture – just make sure to subscribe them to something useful.

  1. Neoprene gloves

Neoprene gloves sailor specialized

source: Glasgow Angling Centre

Make sure your favourite sailor’s hands are kept warm and dry when they’re out at sea. Find something with a good grip and, preferably, thermally insulated. If you buy this from a local shop, the sales assistant will help you chose something that is the best fit for your needs.

  1. Head Torch

Petzl Head Torch

source: Wiggle

Imagine you’re navigating in total darkness and need both hands to manoeuvre through a delicate process. Having a head torch will not only give you better visibility but will allow you to use both hands too.

  1. A waterproof kit bag

waterproof sailing kit bag

source: SailRite

We’re climbing up the budget ladder, but it is totally worth every cent you spend. Having a waterproof, wearable bag will allow any sailor to make it to shore with all his contents dry and safe.

  1. Warm Salopettes or Midlayer

Sailing Salopettes for sailors

source: Henri Lloyd

Any sailor would be grateful for the warmth these two bits of attire will provide. With protection from both wind and water and good thermal insulation within, they will upgrade the sailing experience for anyone.

  1. Sunglasses

man wearing sunglasses on a boat

source: Hey Ocean!

But not just any sunglasses. Polarised, polycarbonate lenses make it ideal for sailing, while stainless steel hinges and rubber temple tips will take the gift to a whole new level.

  1. A proper antique Pond yacht

antique Pond yacht gift

source: Lannan Ship Model Gallery

Some sailors would love to have something like this gem proudly displayed in their library cabinet. While some of these models are remarkably valuable for their craftsmanship, some have also been carefully restored and might fetch a pretty penny. Brownie points assured.

  1. Personalized sail cover

sail covers

source: Anchors Away BC Sailmaker

Apart from doing their duty and protecting the sails from the elements, why not personalize them with the boat’s or perhaps the sailor’s name too? You can even go as far as personalizing a whole set of new sails!

  1. A sailing watch/smartwatch

sailing watch

source: First Class Sailing Watches


Waterproof watches with night vision are practical as well as a gorgeous gift for the dedicated sailor. If the receiver is also a techie, why not combine his love for both by getting him or her a sailing smartwatch? By using wifi to sync information, the smartwatch can display onboard instrument information, as well as speed and polar target data.

The possibilities are endless and this list could go on forever. From attire to onboard entertainment like waterproof speakers, all you need is a creative touch and bit of inside knowledge about the sailor in question. Make sure you do your homework if you decide to spend quite a bit of money. You don’t want to end up with a £500 gift and a sailor who already owns both colors of the same thing!

We hope we’ve been of help & good luck!

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