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10 Mediterranean Dishes That We’re Absolutely in Love With

The Mediterranean Sea may very well be the Cradle of Civilization but it also happens to be one of the world’s culinary hot spots too. We may be a bit biased but we’re of the opinion that a sailing trip anywhere in the Mediterranean is guaranteed to result in a memorable culinary experience for all those aboard. So, it’s only fitting that we round up our top Mediterranean sailing destinations with Book2Sail and share those scrumptious dishes that we would more than happy to eat every day.

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Created by the Italians and adored by the world, this dish is a firm favorite. Indeed, a Neapolitan pizza topped with sweet San Marzano tomatoes is a culinary marvel in its simplicity and a must-try if you’ll be sailing along the Amalfi coast. However, if you choose to sail around Sicily, do keep in mind that Sicilian pizza is equally delicious. The key difference between the two pies is that Sicilian pizza is traditionally thicker and rectangular while the Neapolitan pizza is usually thinner and round.


cacio pepe pasta Mediterranean dish

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What would a sailing trip in Italy be without indulging in a daily plate of pasta? Clearly, there is no wrong choice but we would like to suggest spaghetti cacio e pepe. Spaghetti cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) is as classic as they come and a trattoria basic that has been around since well, forever. This classic did make the headlines last year went it was heralded as the trendiest pasta dish of the year. However, trendy or not, we think that eating a big plate of cheesy peppery pasta is always a good thing to do.


Ħobż biż-Żejt

hobz bix zejt mediterranean dish

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Nothing says summer in Malta like a big pile of ħobż biż-żejt (literally translated to bread with oil). This is another simple dish but also one that is incredibly tasty: thick slices of crusty Maltese bread smeared with ripe local tomatoes, a drizzle of good olive oil, salt, and pepper. There is nothing like it for a light al fresco lunch on your boat especially if it is accompanied with a few slices of traditional sheep cheese and a glass of crisp white wine.



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It is probably safe to say that this is the Maltese adaptation of the Italian Timballo (in fact the Maltese timpana bears an uncanny resemblance in name and nature to the famous timpano from the movie Big Night). Timpana can be described as a generous helping of short tube pasta coated in a rich ragù sauce that is then baked in a flaky shortcrust pastry case. This dish should not be regarded as a regular indulgence since it is not particularly kind to the waistline but it is surely something to try if you are in Malta for a few days.




spanish paellaSource: Empire Fish Company

Paella in Spain? Hardly ground-breaking we hear you say. But, hear us out on this one; it is imperative to try this saffron infused and seafood-laden rice dish if you are in Valencia. However, do try to avoid the tourist traps and look out for paella places that are frequented by the locals.


flao a mediterranean desert of Spain


If you are setting sail in Ibiza and have a serious sweet tooth; then you really must have a big slice of flaó. This dessert can be described as the island’s version of a cheesecake with an anise seed sprinkled crust and mint infused sweet cheese filling.



socca from France

Source: Food to Glow

It’s hard to choose favorites when everything in France is so delectable. However, if you are sailing near Nice, we strongly suggest that you try socca. Socca is basically a chickpea flatbread that is charred to perfection in wood-burning ovens and is the street food of choice in this popular French seaside city. It also helps that it is gluten-free and vegan-friendly too.

Tarte Tropézienne

Tarte Tropezienne a mediterranean dish

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This is another one for the sweet toothed: the Tarte Tropézienne. This dessert is essentially a brioche cake that is filled with orange blossom flavored pastry cream and dotted with sugar pearls on top. The cake was created in 1955 and famously christened by the iconic Brigitte Bardot.



souvlaki a mediterranean dish from Greece

Source: My Greek Dish

These delicious grilled meat skewers are perhaps the most recognizable form of Greek street food and can be sampled everywhere in Greece. Souvlaki is usually served with crunchy pita bread, vegetables, and a variety of sauces… in other words, a must-try if you are sailing in Greece this summer.


Tzatziki from Greece


While tzatziki can be an excellent accompanying sauce to meat dishes; we think that it is perfect on its own. Indeed, this refreshing yogurt and cucumber combination is also ideal for dipping toasted bread and crunchy vegetables between meals.

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