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10 Tips for Having a Wedding on a Boat

10 Tips for Having a Wedding on a Boat

So you’re stuck in a bit of a conundrum: you’re getting married (congrats!) and like every other bride or groom, you want this day to be a memorable one. So far so good. However, unlike your friend who settled for having a ridiculously expensive dress, or your cousin who went over the top with the dessert table, you want something people will truly recall. Something which will stand out from any other typical wedding. Have you considered, by any chance, having your wedding on a boat?

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Before you protest, we’re here to tell you that it is not impossible – on the contrary. It simply requires good planning, the determination to see it through and, without a doubt, an adventurous streak not everyone possesses.

Here are our top tips if you do take our suggestions:

  1. Review your budget first

Unfortunately, this is not the venue if you’re on a very tight budget. You will be able to find excellent deals, but you will definitely be able to find cheaper on land.

  1. Bear in mind that you might not be able to have a 500-invitee wedding

Even on super yachts, space will be limited. Boat weddings are usually reserved for intimate gatherings, so if you think you’ll have a pretty massive guest list, then better opt out.

  1. You will need to think about logistics

Getting stuff to and from the boat, even if it will never leave its berth, will be tougher than at normal venues, which usually cater for big vans to drive straight up to the door. Get the help of an event planner who will usually provide you with alternative solutions.

  1. You might want to consider an internal boat venue

Superyachts usually have a much bigger interior that can rival any venue in beauty. Optimize the space inside and leave outdoors for an occasional stroll. This is an ideal solution for fresher days when a child has started to set.

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  1. Sit-down or buffet dinner?

Sit-down dinners will claim more space, what with tables and chairs. A buffet can maximise the space while also allowing people to eat whenever they feel like. Big yachts will also have their own kitchen but bear in mind that the larger the reception, the more chefs you will need – and they won’t all necessarily fit.

  1. Think of capacity load

Remember, this is a boat floating on water. Apart from space, you will also need to take into consideration the extra weight the boat will have to hold. Always talk to the person in charge to guide you through these specifications.

  1. Don’t hold back on marine-themed décor and invitations!

You’re holding your wedding ON A BOAT. So flaunt it with extra special invitations and décor to match your ideal setting.

  1. Attire is a priority.

This is especially relevant for the bride (the groom can get away with almost anything, right?). If space is already stretched to its limit, try to make it easier for yourself by choosing a more comfortable dress that goes well with the theme (we’re thinking bohemian chic) and that makes manoeuvring that much simpler.

  1. Legalities – it’s boring but you HAVE to look into it

Did you know that, if you’re getting married in Greece you’d have to be present in the country for a week prior to your wedding? Look into these aspects before you start planning anything.

  1. The views will be totally worth it

Whether you’re berthed or cruising slowly around, there are very few things in life which rival the beauty of the sea. And you will probably never have a better opportunity than this to really enjoy it.

After all, been said and done, now that deck is full of people you love and they’re all celebrating your union, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride. You deserve it.

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