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10 Tips for Successful Sailing in Greece

Cruising through the seas of the gods, every visitor will inevitably find that Greece is endowed with incredible vistas. At the same time, there is always room for error and the possibility of things not going to plan on a sailing adventure. In this sense, here are ten pieces of advice for a successful sailing trip in Greece:

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1.Choose the right charter accordingly

One of the most important things to remember before you go on a sailing trip is the actual vessel itself. On the other hand, buying one is always an option but either way, you need to fully understand how to test the boat beforehand. There are also different kinds of boat for every sailor and finding what suits you best will help you avoid disappointment and get the most from your trip. Sailing is the perfect way to experience Greece, but your actual vessel is everything.

2.Understand embarkation and safety procedures

Being responsible for your charter vessel is also very important regardless of the destination. Remember that you can always find a place to embark your vessel, but you must also make sure that you understand the correct procedure. Ask as much as possible until you are sure that you truly understand both the risks and benefits in such an instance. Check every piece of safety equipment and make sure they are complete. Also, the engine and all devices must also be tested and proven to be in good enough condition for sailing.

3.Know your cruising area

flotilla of monohulls sailing in Greece

Source: Premium Europe

It sounds really fun to take the plunge and sail anywhere you want, but a successful and enjoyable trip requires more planning. Avoid relying too much on navigation equipment but do also utilise traditional navigation just to be on the safe side.

4.Check the engine oil and navigation lights

Simply put, you must know where to locate these instruments, and you can never spend too much time ensuring safety. Go ahead and have a look at the engine oil and make sure it is filled adequately. Also, check for leaks or loose screws. Most importantly, your navigation lights will help guide you through so they absolutely must work.

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5.Check the weather forecast

Although you your sailing vessel can withstand extreme weathers, you should always check the weather and know what to expect. Yes, adventure is supposed to involve uncertainty to some degree but not when the penalty for not knowing is so serious.

6.Cautious sailing is smart sailing

yacht sailing in Greece

Source: True Greece

Avoid pushing the vessel to its limit. The rig and sails have a limit, and if you do not handle them safely, you will have problems. You should always sail on the most convenient and safe course possible.

7.Smart Greek port approach

Be very cautious when approaching Greek ports. Remember to prepare the anchors, mooring ropes, and fenders. Every set of equipment must be ready as you reach to the port. Not all ports are straightforward so arrive prepared, and prepare to relax.

8.Safe port anchoring

Do not be hesitant to check of the anchor holds your vessel. Making sure that you safely anchor your yacht is essential and take note that there is a great difference regarding the depth and current in Greek seas.

9.Be attentive at all times

Although it can be easy to forget sometimes, it is always worth checking all the fine details on board. From the water pump, paper towels, and other necessities – be safe and check often.

10.Be aware of the guests aboard

The last thing you want to happen while sailing in Greece is to leave someone behind. Take a headcount every time you come and go. Naturally, this keeps everyone happy but also saves you an embarrassing trip back to the port you just left.

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