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5 Fascinating Countries to Visit with Book2Sail

Cruising brings life into a different perspective, from looking out to a seemingly endless horizon and picturesque views, to contemplating the absolute freedom of life on the ocean itself. It may sound lavish but actually, to sail or opt for a yacht charter does not have to be an expensive or even bothersome experience. Why? Because we here at Book2Sail guarantee exceptional service and reasonable prices while helping you organize all the minor details.

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The many vessels we have available also make it easy to pick the perfect yacht for your sailing trip, but just in case you have yet to decide where exactly that will be, here are five of the best countries you should visit from the comfort of your yacht charter:

Iconic destinations in Greece


With a wide selection of yachts and sailing vessels, you can explore the beauty of the Mediterranean and Greece with ease. In the same sense, you can also be sure of a great variety in the destination itself, from countless islets and world famous Santorini to secluded beaches and the incentive of an encounter with the Seas of the Gods. Yes, while cruising on your yacht charter in Greece, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness an incredible number of iconic destinations which include the following sites in Greece:

  • Lefkada
  • Meganisi
  • Goat Bay and Palairos
  • Kastus and Kalamos
  • Egremini Beach
  • Porto Katsiki
  • Kalamitsi
  • Mykonos

Away from the crowds in Italy


The Southern shores of this ancient civilization are renowned for being popular with the rich and famous.  However, you can find an affordable yacht charter in Italy which will allow you to see everything at just a fraction of the cost.  In fact, opting for a yacht charter is arguably the best way to avoid the crowds and people with such high expectations while also see the best the country has to offer. Navigating the many islands, it is easy to immerse oneself while sailing in Italy and this is certainly recommended given the locals reputation for having such an interesting culture and sublime cuisine. Here are some of the highlights of to explore while sailing in Italy:

  • Amalfi
  • Civitavecchia
  • Positano
  • Gallipoli
  • Tropea

Experience the largely unassuming Malta

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Malta may appear as a small and largely unassuming island but make no mistake; it is packed full of surprises. Featuring a near perfect climate, the island itself is ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures in general but sailing in Malta will also allow you to experience a more immersive journey in between. Yes, there are intriguing ports here, exotic coastline, fine cuisine along with an endless variety of restaurants and accommodations on the island, but choosing a yacht charter in Malta with Book2Sail will no doubt allow you to find a dreamy experience as you relax on a luxury yacht charter between each destination.

Translucent waters and isolated bays in Croatia

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The mesmerizing archipelago in Croatia is known for its translucent seas and natural wonders. In fact, visitors are always left in awe of the golden sandy beaches along its coastline and the feeling of peace which can be felt on such mesmerizing waters. Securing your own yacht in Croatia with Book2Sail is also an easy process and just another reason to uncover this part of the world, but then the thousands of bays, harbors, and fascinating ports along this 5,951-kilometer-long coastline make it a perfect destination in the Balkans. Among the most popular destinations while sailing in Croatia are the following:

  • Split
  • The Island of Vis
  • The Island of Hvar
  • Island of Korčula
  • Island of Komiza

Lost in the culture of Turkey

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The coastline of Turkey rarely fails to radiate its beauty in the turquoise colors and clear skies. Rich in culture and overflowing with interesting port, it also makes for the ideal sailing destination in Europe which promises plenty of interaction with locals and fine Turkish cuisine. Breathtaking in every way, the scenery is always a highlight for visitors and best witnessed during a clear sunset, but in truth, there is so much history behind the many landmarks, remnants, and iconic buildings which make it such an unforgettable journey. Here are the best places to dock while chartering a yacht in Turkey.

  • Wall Bay and Tomb Bay
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Fethiye Turkey
  • Sandy Coast Kekova
  • Village Kas
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