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5 Reasons why Mljet in Croatia is a dream for yacht chartering

Lying in the very south and to the east of the better-known Dalmatian islands, Mljet is possibly the most luscious and beautiful of them all. In fact, the most part of this island is attributed to a National Park which is undeniably the biggest attraction for the tourists who come to explore.

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While it is common for travellers to take day trips to the island, the incredible beauty of this region warrants a lot more than just a few days while the best way to do this is with a yacht charter Croatia from either Split or Dubrovnik.

How (and what) to see on Mljet Island

beautiful coast of Mljet island in Croatia


Having arrived in either Split or Dubrovnik, as long as you have already organized your boat, all you need to do is find the port and get out on the ocean.

That being said, even though the process of booking a yacht charter Croatia is entirely seamless, many travellers can feel overwhelmed with the absolute isolation on Mljet Island. Yes, there is an endless amount of beauty on the island but where exactly is worth your time?

Here are five the best places and reasons to visit Mljet Island:

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5 reasons to visit Mljet Island on a yacht

Prozurska Luka

a dinner with a view of Prozurska Luka in Mljet,Croatia


Arguably one of the smallest towns you are likely to visit while chartering a yacht in Croatia, Prozurksa Luka has less than forty-five inhabitants. Consisting of a string of small islands, the bay is popular with intrepid travellers who manage to find it but then there are also some useful facilities here to enjoy in between swimming and relaxation including a restaurant, shops and some private apartments.


aerial view of Saplunara Croatia


Saplunara is possible the most isolated part of Mljet Island and most popular for the three beautiful beaches it offers. In fact, this is also likely the most luscious area on the island and while much harder to find than elsewhere, the bay is also perfect for sleeping on a yacht charter should you have one.

Mljet National Park

a lagoon on Mljet national park in Croatia


Veliko and Malo Jazero are the two stunning salt lakes which are undoubtedly the main attraction in Mljet National Park which dominates the island. At the same time, there is also nearby Polace and it is possible to rent bicycles from the bay to cycle to this interesting town but the greenery along the way is always the highlight.

St Mary’s Island – Benedictine Monastery

Benedictine Monastery on St. Mary`s island


Not far from Saplunara, you can find a smaller island named St Mary’s which is also home to a 12th Century. As you might expect, the remnants are enchanting and even more so due to the nature of the island on which you will find them.


a yacht docked in Sobra-port in Croatia


While the large town of Babino Polje was the initial reason for this bay, Sobra is no longer a busy port but rather a quiet settlement where the world seems to stand still at times. Featuring crystal waters and beautiful sands, this is a truly idyllic place to unwind but there are some facilities here to enjoy including some nice restaurant and a shop for supplies.

Whether you visit them all or just a few of the above, Croatia is the perfect place for chartering a yacht and you are sure to find a dream destination in Mljet Island for your next adventure.

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