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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Green Cave in Vis, Croatia

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Green Cave in Vis, Croatia

Of the many merits of Croatia as a sailing destination, we have already elaborated on. The beaches, the landscape and the history of the country all make for a very good story to tell your friends back home, not to mention the lap of luxury which serves as your base while you’re making the rounds of the hottest spots. That’s what our chartered boats in Croatia are there for, after all, to take you to the most beautiful places on Earth – in style.

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a traditional built and modern architecture along with boats sailing the coasts of Vis island in Croatia

source: Forget Someday

No, we’re not about to sing Croatia’s praises again. Today we’re giving a nod to one of the most mystical and awe-inspiring places Croatia boasts of the Green Cave in Vis. Vis, an island which is in itself wrapped in a mystery (it used to serve as a military base and was cut off from the public until the late 80s) is the seat of a number of historical spots but is also home to this beautiful cave. The waters of the cave give off a certain green colour due to the multitude of algae found at the entrance to it.

woman enjoying a swim in the Green Cave on Vis Island in Croatia

It makes this cave a unique, sought for a spot if only to marvel at the pretty shade of the water there. Here are all the reasons why we love this little gem, in the hope that they give you a taste of the beauty found within. 

Green Cave aerial view on Vis island in Croatia

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  1. It’s proximity to the mainland

Located on the smaller island of Ravnik, just off the south-east coast of Vis, the green cave is very easily accessible by yacht charter. The Green Cave can thus be easily fitted in any sailing itinerary.

  1. It is protected

Due to the geomorphological features around Ravnik, the whole area is protected, meaning it will be the same many years from now (or at least it should). It is an indication that the area is held to be of import to man and his heritage, and that is always a good reason to visit.

  1. It is inexpensive

It actually used to be free of charge but we believe the large influx of visitors required certain maintenance and costs accumulated. However, the fee which at the moment is just over €2 is, we believe, well worth it.

  1. It makes for a perfect diving spot

a girl jumping off a canal into the water

source: Pinterest

If you thought the cave looked good on the outside, wait until you dive underwater. At a certain time during the day, the light filters through a crack in the cave’s roof and slices through the green water, creating a sort of light tunnel right down to the bottom. It is the perfect spot for underwater photography and even these will leave you “wow”-ing long after you’ve seen it live.

  1. It is, quite literally, otherworldly

Man is lucky enough to count so many beautiful places he can still visit and re-visit to this day. The Green Cave is one of them. A cave that once sheltered warships during the war now gives daily shows to its visitors. Whether it’s to simply gape at the unusual colour of the water or to swim through to get a better glimpse at the tunnel of light, you will hold dear the memory of the Green Cave for many years to come.

Another thing we love? You can actually sail right through the cave with your yacht charter! Jot that down in your diary – The Green Cave, not to be missed.

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