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5 Unmissable Things When Sailing Croatia

5 Unmissable Things When Sailing Croatia

Croatia, a country where the land sings the seas’ praises, where the very stone (world-renowned for that matter) whispers ancient stories to anyone who wishes to listen and where lush forests still dominate islands, as yet untouched by commercial endeavours. Is it any wonder, therefore, that it is a sailor’s crowning destination, a place that exceeds one’s very dreams?

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No, we thought not.

Today we’re going to list 5 Croatian spots you should definitely include in your itinerary. You will see how, apart from taking with you a mental image of the natural beauty of Croatia, you will also take a piece of its enduring, quasi-mythological spirit.


a coastal view of Split marina and promenade at night

source: Leadershub

Mythological is just the right word to embody this city, with its Roman palace standing out amidst a sea of red rooftops. The city of Split is quite the eclectic mix, with parts dating back thousands of years co-habiting with the vibrancy of youth. As they stand side by side, you cannot help but be in awe of how well they complement each other.

Not to miss:

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  • Take a walk inside Diocletian’s palace, occupied by cafes and bars
  • Check whether there are any music or ballet performances in the area. The open-air venues are really something to experience.
  • Walk up to Marjan for excellent views of the city.


aerial view of Korcula marina in Croatia

source: Korcula travel

The biggest island in the Adriatic, with almost 47km of land, deserves more than a mention here. The soils on Korčula are fertile, giving the inhabitants rich vineyards and olive groves. And it comes with two types of typography for the sailor who tires easily of the same landscape: the north is flat with pebbly beaches while the south is steep.

Not to miss:

  • Make sure you get a taste of the local wine made from their renowned grapes, the pošip and grk.
  • Marco Polo was born here. Visit his birthplace and enjoy a little educational tour.


a view of the fort above Hvar Croatia

source: The Telegraph

Hvar, the island which seems to have jumped right out of a French Riviera postcard, with its picturesque villages and sophisticated nightlife. This vibe is slightly betrayed by the hilltop fortress overlooking historical buildings and a Renaissance cathedral, placing Hvar squarely in a timeless space. Don’t be fooled by the façade though. The buildings will give way to lavender fields, billowing your sails with a sweet breeze.

Not to miss:

  • A walk to the legendary lavender fields
  • The Pakleni Islands, where you can enjoy secluded beaches and blissful afternoons.
  • The nightlife is one to experience at Hvar. Despite its conservative feel, Hvar is bursting with the energy of the young.

The Kornati Archipelago

the archipelago of Kornati and the boat sailing in the area

They were on to something when they dubbed this group of islands God’s Masterpiece.  89 of the 150 islands found here are a national park to be enjoyed by all and sunder in their raw, virgin state while ensuring they will remain so for generations to come.

Not to miss:


aerial view on the hill over Dubrovnik overlooking the town

source: Wikipedia

A Croatian list would not be completed without a mention of Dubrovnik. It is perhaps the most touristy of the lot so it is best avoided during peak months. However, this does not take away any of its inherent beauty. Fans of Game of Thrones will recognise the familiar walls and towers as the setting for King’s Landing. It was not a coincidence that the producers chose this setting for their location: the walls served as the city’s defence for centuries, before turning into its main attraction. Walk along the ramparts (perhaps imagine yourself a queen for the day) and savour the scenery as many before you have done over the course of the years.

Not to miss:

  • There is no dearth of places to visit while you’re staying at Dubrovnik. Check out Arboretum in Trsteno to indulge in more Game of Thrones scenes.
  • Hop off to the lover’s island Lokrum for a romantic escape.

Limiting the list to 5 gives a taste of Croatia but in no way does it do its varied beauty any justice. Decide on what kind of sailing holiday you wish before hopping off on your chartered sailing boat: a romantic getaway? An adventurous trip? A tour of Croatia’s food and wine? Then head over to the spots that best encapsulate these elements. You will find that you’re spoilt for choice.

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