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7 Inspirational sailing blogs to follow in 2020

7 Inspirational sailing blogs to follow in 2020

Sailing blogs are a great place to learn more about sailing from first-hand experiences. These days, the web is flooded with sailing blogs and vlogs, there are a large number of individuals and families who have started sailing blogs, eager to share their sailing adventures – whether they’re still planning their first cruise, have been out there for years or enthusiasts on their first sail. All of them are sharing their different perspectives on sailing, suggesting and describing places to sail to, sailing how-to guides, awesome photos, and more. There are so many, styles of writing, stories of the greatest and the lowest moments of the adventure.

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Book2sail is presenting you a list of some of the sailing blogs that we think you might find fun to read, and to follow this year.


a woman on a shipyard painting

Dinghy dreams is the journal of the sea gypsy Emily.

She is a solo sailing girl, that at the age of 26 decided to buy a boat, move aboard, and start sailing.
This blog is not just about the cupcakes and the rainbows, and the stunning landscapes. It`s also about being a woman in a “mans`” world, about feminism and freedom.
You can follow her adventures on her website, but watch out, she definitely has the mouth of a sailor!


a family ona old boat deck posing for sailing totem

This is probably one of the most recognized sailing blogs on the web. The crew of Totem consists of Behan and Jamie, and their children Niall, Mairen, and Siobhan. Their sailing adventure began in 2008, and goes on till today, over 11 years after the first set sail.
On the blog, you can read about their experience living aboard, homeschooling children, ocean awareness, and everything you can think of related to sailing.
They also offer professional experience and guidance to those who think about moving aboard or planning a cruise.
Keep an eye on their journey on their website.

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a family posing in front of a valley growing a pair

Behind Growing a pair is a family of four, who spent a year backpacking around Asia and Australia. And this time, they embarked on a new adventure, sailing around the world on their boat Fat Susan.
You can read tips on buying a boat, gadgets you need onboard and a lot of interesting stories about the awesome destinations they`ve visited on their previous journeys.
Check out the plan for their crazy family sailing adventure here, and on their vlog on YouTube.There is even a kid`s blog on their website, written by their children.


guy holding beer on a boat sailing yacht fathom

Sailing around the world solo is one of the greatest challenges you can take on in sailing, and that`s what Thom D`Arcy did. Thom left his home in Yarmouth, Massachusetts in May 2016 and is currently sailing around the world, alone, on his Vancouver 28, Fathom. His interesting stories and stunning photography make for a refreshing read.
Thom’s progress can be tracked here.


a woman representing swell voyage sailing blog sitting on a boat with a mellon

Liz is a surfer and environmentalist from California. In 2006 she left California, on her own boat, a 40ft boat which she named Swell and embarked on a life-long dream surf exploration. She has since sailed over 20,000NM to Mexico, Central America, and the South Pacific.
Her sailing boat is powered solely by wind and solar power. She wrote a book based on true stories of her adventures, challenges, and different cultures.

You can buy Liz`s book, and follow her journey on her website.


a girl jumping off a sailing nanji boat

Yoshi and Bonita are an Australian couple who bought a yacht named Nandji and began living full time on it in 2016, with their dog Marley. They have one of the most popular YouTube sailing blogs.

Along their way, they have used their blog to showcase their adventures, create weekly YouTube videos and how to guides. They use their YouTube channel, Instagram and blog to document their life at sea, and they have also written a book about their adventures.


Jody and Peter sailing a boat

An American couple Jody and Peter set sail on their 1980 Whitby 42ft Ketch named Hey Jude, chasing the dream of less ordinary life, after moving on from the corporate world. They have been sailing ever since.

In 2017 their family grew and along came a new boy in the crew – Brig. They are still sailing around the world with a baby and dog.

Want to know what`s with the coconuts? Visit their blog to find out, and go through their adventures, stories from their trips as well as tips and tricks for sailing.

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