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9 Impressive Instagram Profiles That We Just Can’t Get Enough of

One of the things that we enjoy the most around here is a good scroll through Instagram while sipping a good cup of coffee (OK and a chocolate croissant too but we won’t tell if you don’t). We’ve long since resigned ourselves to the fact that we’ll constantly be planning our next adventure; be it a sailing week in Greece or even just a day trip around Malta. So, it is always interesting for us to see what other adventurers are up to on Instagram and maybe add a few more inspiring destinations to our bucket list too.

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Here are our 9 favorite accounts that are basically #instagramperfection.

  1. Mr. Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a British filmmaker and photographer who shares some truly stunning photos of the places that he visits. His images are truly a feast for the eyes with an array of urban and natural settings and locations ranging from the Maldives to the Artic.

  1. Modern Outdoorsman

There is nothing more invigorating than the great outdoors and it almost feels like you can smell the gorgeous smell of the pine trees while looking at this account’s posts. Misty mountains, wood cabins, plaid blankets, and glacial lakes…can someone please pass the s’mores around?

  1. GoPro

The world’s favorite portable camera hardly needs an introduction. Thanks to the flexibility that it provides it is easy to use even in the most fast-paced situations. We must say that this is our favorite account for action-packed images shot by extreme sports daredevils and surprisingly even calming scenic landscapes too.

  1. Stayandwander

Another extremely well put together account that is chock-full of breathtaking landscapes that will instantly ignite your wanderlust. This account is the collective work of various photographic artists with an outstanding aesthetic and a broad geographical span.

  1. Phineloves

The personal Instagram account of the The Asia Collective co-founder was bound to be a good one. This is our go-to account for everything exotic and tropical: think lush vegetation, rose tinted sunsets and crystalline waters.

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  1. Snowflakes Fairy

This London-based lady posts postcard-perfect shots of the UK capital together with a fun selection of images from her extensive travels around the world, sometimes with her adorable little one in tow.

  1. Dirka

Dirk Dallas is a professional photographer that posts the most spectacular imagery on his account. Dirk’s specialty is aerial and drone photography and it really is a treat to be able to view some truly magnificent aerial shots ranging from deserts to glaciers without missing a beat.

  1. Hannes_becker

Hannes Becker is another professional photographer who helps us daydream thanks to the expansive scenery that he posts. We are particularly fond of the mesmerizing Antarctica shots that he has posted recently.

  1. Pilot Madeleine

This lovely young lady describes herself as a globetrotter and we couldn’t be more jealous of the wonderful places that she visits on a regular basis. Indeed, her profile is full of delicious looking beachside breakfasts, swimming adventures, and spectacular infinity pools.

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