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Are Catamarans Safer Than Sailboats?

Catamaran VS Monohull – Pros and Cons

When we talk about safety on boats, there is this eternal debate – catamaran vs sailboats – a single hull boat or a double hull boat, which one is better? This boils down to various factors, each with a few benefits and drawbacks.

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Which One is Safer?

Speaking of how does catamaran work and how safe it is, they are very stable and have natural buoyancy, which means the boats are almost unsinkable. If cats by any accident overturn, you would be floating on the water’s surface, rather than falling.

On the flip side, sailboat hull design is in a way that they have great self-righting capabilities in the event of a worst-case knockdown situation. This means that you can return to an upright position and have full access to your onboard safety equipment.

What About the Speed?

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Catamaran speed is much larger than the monohull. Cruising catamarans are faster than sailboats, and when it comes to sailing catamarans, they can travel half the speed of the wind, but that depends on their angle. If you are in a hurry and if you want to move fast, this vessel is perfect for you. It can reach high rates quickly and come to your destination in a secure and suitable manner.

In the view of the fact that the designs of sailboats work harmoniously with the elements instead of trying to fight them, they are significantly slower than catamarans.

How Many Hulls Does Catamaran Have?

Catamarans are extremely flexible with their two motors. The two engines which are 20 feet apart eliminate the need for a bow thruster. Catamarans have shallow drafts, as well. This can help you navigate into places you can’t get to with a monohull.

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On the other side, sailboats do not deal with two hulls. This allows them to make faster turns and navigate through narrow channels and tight spaces very easily.

Fuel and Layout

The biggest perks of having a catamaran are that you can save money on fuel and have all the rooms on the same level. Now, as catamarans have reduced wetted surface area on their decks, they are much more fuel-efficient than sailboats. Most of them also have a four-cabin layout, which is extremely popular for the charter companies. Some of the cats known as “owner versions” typically have three cabins of which one is so big that it can be used for entertaining.

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Security and Convenience

When you think about security while sailing, you should think of catamarans in rough areas. They have little to no heeling. This is because of their weight-bearing, and they do not roll at anchor. Heeling on a monohull with unexpected gusts can be dangerous and not that comfortable to the point that it can cause sickness. On the other hand, in a sailboat, the heeling action provides some sort of stability and spills wind from the sails which can add to the safety element.

The best catamaran for sailing around the world would be the one which will give you the ability to walk around the boat and entertain your guests without rocking. So if you ask what is the best catamaran for sailing and who can use them, you can say that every cat is great when it comes to sailing and that they are family-friendly, which is not the case with monohulls.


While monohulls have a lower price, cats cost can run pretty high. This is because they have a great resale value and very low depreciation rate thanks to their popularity and because they sell faster than monohulls. And in view of the fact that most catamarans are not built in the US, there are delivery costs involved when purchasing the boat.

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