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Aye and nay for sailing Turkey’s Mediterranean coast

Turkey is perhaps one of the most underrated countries for sailing holidays. Very often in the media for all the wrong reasons, travellers seem to shun this country as a possible destination for their next yachting holiday. Today we’re here to prove these people wrong – and to give you a couple of things you should keep in mind when sailing the lovely Turkish coast.

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A Grecian god’s playground with a touch of Middle-Eastern influence.

Turkey Aegean coastal town

That’s the best way we could ever hope to describe Turkey’s coast jutting over the Mediterranean. White pebbles, clear water, green hills and temple ruins abound on this stretch of land, which you’d be forgiven for thinking it belonged somewhere else. You could almost imagine sea nymphs frolicking in the water at Hayitbuku, a well-hidden bay behind an outcrop of stone. There’s nothing much to do except eat at the only restaurant at the shore, but it’s just this – the absence of man – which makes it so charming. A tranquil paradise on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean basin. Sail to Selmiye, a quaint fishing village and the very essence of Turkey at that, complete with a horseshoe harbour and watchtower, and immerse yourself in the local cuisine. Breathe in the fresh scent of pines before you journey off to Izmir where you will be met with fantastically-equipped beaches and a hoard of cultural attractions on shore. If you fancy about at the Turkish nightlife, why not make Bodrum one of the stops of your sailing holiday? Sip on your favourite drink while lounging at one of the many swanky beach clubs which dot the shore.

Things to keep in mind if you’re off sailing for the first time

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If this sailing holiday is the first of its kind for you, there are some points you may wish to remember.  Being on a boat means you have limited storage space. Even with the most modern facilities on board, you will still have to choose what to pack carefully and only bring with you the essential items. Amenities, even basic ones like running water, are also limited so make sure you think of your companions on the boat before you make use of it. It could get both very cold and very hot on deck and in the cabins, with not a lot to do about it, so choose your travel dates carefully as the period will at least give you an indication of the average temperatures to expect. We also suggest you only go on a trip with people you are very close to or with whom you get along very well. It is not the first time that, given the limited space on a yacht, people are quicker to find faults in each other and arguments escalate. Keep a cool head at all times and remember, you’re here to have fun.

Sailing holidays are a joy to experience and we know this for a fact. Talk to us and let us suggest yacht chartering options which best suit your ideas. The Turkish coast provides customers with a different perspective to what one is used to. There is peace to be enjoyed and a feeling that, in stone coves and clear pools, the time has, in some way, stopped.

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