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Best Instagram Locations while Sailing in Croatia

Best Instagram Locations while Sailing in Croatia

The Mediterranean is a hive of picture-perfect locations. As you flit from one corner to the other, you will come across spots that will take your breath away. It is then – and only then – that you remember to take hold of your camera or your phone to immortalise that scene forever.

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friends enjoy yachting experience in Croatia


What is it, that makes these scenes incomparable in beauty and in the emotions they manage to arouse in us? Is it the natural beauty, the landmarks left behind by past generations like amiable ghosts watching over us? Is it the people or the way in which each and every sense is fine-tuned and in harmony with the surroundings? We think Croatia holds the answers to all these questions.

Sailing in Croatia

friends enjoy cruising in a catamaran


Taking a sailing trip around the coast of Croatia is a remarkable experience, as many visitors’ Instagram accounts will attest to. Rugged fortresses, colourful rooftops, beguiling turquoise seas and a score of islands ripe for exploration, all make Croatia a unique Mediterranean haven. Let’s embark on a closer look at these picture-perfect destinations.

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Red rooftops and stunning views in Dubrovnik

exquisite lunch with a Dubrovnik panorama on the rooftops

source: Dubrovnik Cable Car

It is a given that your Croatian sailing trip will include the town of Dubrovnik in its itinerary. You will fancy yourself Cersei or Jamie Lannister as you walk the ramparts of the city walls, so familiar to Game of Thrones fans. Take a snap and bask in the sun as it reflects off the red rooftops, a pretty addition to your Instagram account. Take the cable car up Srd Hill for unmatched views of the town as it juts out into the Adriatic Sea.

Wine and history in Korcula

tourists do croatian wine tasting party in a cellar

source: Solo in the Balkans

Wine lovers will adore this Croatian island, decked in vineyards yielding one of the best white wines in the region. Take a stroll amongst these or head to the Old Town where the gothic cathedral of St Mark exhorts too strong a pull for architecture and history lovers. Everyone else will fall in love with the atmosphere of the place: the winding roads and the stark contrast of the buildings against the blue sky will undoubtedly inspire many a romantic shot.

Cocktails, sunsets and lavender fields in Hvar

The Hvar lavender fields


Sail on to Hvar for Instagram able sunsets and a lingering scent of lavender. The coast gives off plenty of French Riviera vibes, reinforced perhaps by the cocktails you’ll be unable to resist as you watch the sunset over the harbour. Behind this sophisticated façade, you’ll be treated to Renaissance cathedrals and hilltop fortresses while further inland, stretches of lavender fields as far as the eye can see.

An Odyssey in Mljet

a beach guard-tower on Mljet island

source: Cruise Croatia

Legend (or rather, mythology) has it that Odysseus spent 7 years on this island. The modern tourist can immediately see why from the Instagram photos of past sailing visitors. The lakes in the park create a sublime backdrop as you kayak through, while St Mary’s Monastery built on a small island is the quaint, mystical touch you’re must make sure to capture.

Sailing in Croatia is in itself an experience you will feel like repeating over and over again. It pulls people back no matter how far they’ve come to reach it. Everyone leaves feeling insatiable – they have to come for more.

While taking photos of the Croatian scenes as you pass by holds immeasurable benefits (and we’re not talking about increasing your followers here, more on the lines of fond recollections 20 years from now), do take the time to indulge in the moment through your own eyes before you capture it with a lens. There’s only so much a camera can seize and the senses can only be truly appeased as you live through the moment. Remember, you will not feel this breeze nor witness the changing shades in the sky, again.

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