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The Best Superyacht Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are special times that let newly married couples enjoy their new lives together, somewhere special. More and more people are now choosing to spend their honeymoon aboard a super-yacht, one which can take them to the destination of their dreams.

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But what are the best super-yacht honeymoon destinations? And what is so special about them?

The Seychelles

a yacht sailing in the Seychelles

Source: The Seychelles

With more than 100 islands for you to explore and crystal clear waters that lap against stunning beaches, the Seychelles is an ideal honeymoon destination. There are not many boating facilities in the area, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the super-yacht to this beautiful part of the world.  Make your way to the secluded bays where you can anchor the yacht, and enjoy time alone.

Visit Aldabra Atoll, an area that is made up of 4 coral islands, and is home to more than 150,000 giant tortoises. The perfect end to a wonderful honeymoon in the Seychelles.


a super yacht sailing Hawaii

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If you want to honeymoon in style, and in one of the worlds’ most beautiful destinations, you should think about heading to Hawaii. Anchor your super yacht on one of the many boating facilities, and try your hand at horse riding. Visit the black stone beach on Waipi’o Valley, before taking a helicopter ride over Kilauea Volcano, the world’s most active volcano.

Enjoy the Hawaiian sunsets from your super-yacht, and make your honeymoon one remember.

The French Riviera

French Riviera Yacht berths

Source: Cameron Alexander Yachts

If you are looking to add a touch of a style and sophistication to your honeymoon, head to the French Riviera. Exuding glamour, and full of incredible scenery, the French Riviera is that ideal location to anchor your chartered super-yacht. Head to Nice, San Tropez, or Cannes, before dining in some of the worlds’ best restaurants.


indonesian superyacht sailing

Source: Forever Mogul

Made up of 17,000 islands, and new to the world of the super-yachts, Indonesia is the ideal destination for anyone who wishes to experience a bit of culture and sunshine. Traveling around Indonesia in a super-yacht means you will have the chance to visit many different islands that span more than 735,000 square miles.

If you’re feeling quite brave, head towards the Ring of Fire, which is thought to be home to more than half of the worlds’ active volcanoes, and watch as boulders and plumes of ash spew out of the volcanoes.

Mamanuca Islands

Fiji islands

Source: Yacht Charter Fleet

Found in Fiji, the Mamanuca Islands are made up of 20 islands that are a part of the volcanic archipelago. Recently married couples often head to the islands as they house some very exclusive resorts, perfect for those on honeymoon.

The islands are surrounded by coral reefs, and the area is ideal if you wish to have a dip I the water, or try your hand at a spot of diving or snorkeling.

Of course, there are many wonderful honeymoon destinations, but if you’re looking to visit somewhere special, book some time away in one of the five destinations listed above. Make your honeymoon one remember, and board a super-yacht that takes you somewhere magical.

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