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Boat Charter Turkey: The Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 Catamaran Is at the Top of Every Sailor’s List, Find out Why?

There is something inherently graceful in La Rochelle’s Fountaine Pajot’s Catamarans and the Athena 38 is no exception. Second smallest in their five-cat range, the Athena 38 packs quite a punch. With a sleek soft design and a strength which belies its appearance, this catamaran can make all your sailing fantasies come to life. And where better to test this sleek vessel, than on the beguiling Turkish coast? A gorgeous backdrop to suit the Athena.

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Party on a boat, anyone?

people enjoying on a holiday with chartered Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 in Turkey

source: Happycharter

The Athena 38 is great for couple owners but can accommodate four couples comfortably. The stern has enough space to sit 12 people, a great number for a party if we do say so ourselves. It is 10 feet wide, ideal even for stand-up parties where the group can mingle, either lounging on the seats around the rim area or standing in the middle of the cockpit. The table at the port corner is perfect for more intimate gatherings, able to sit 6 people.

Practical & Dynamic

a side camera of a Athena 38 Fountaine Pajot sailing clear waters in Turkey


The helmsperson sits closer to the sails, so higher up than what is considered normal but with better views come to a sense of better engagement with the whole cat. The hassles and difficulties of anchor deployment are a thing of the past with the Athena 38.  A cleverer way has been devised, and the dropping of the anchor is simply a matter of releasing the windlass brake. There is ample storage space on the main deck for deck gear, running rigging and even diving gear can be stowed away. The locker can also hold the sails and fenders and is 3 feet by 3 feet, next to the chain locker. The dinghy is neatly stored between the hulls and is ten feet long.

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The Interiors

a dining table set in athena 38 catamaran interior

source: Splash-Catamaranes

Since there is no going down on this sailing boat, the interiors are bright, airy and a continuation of the deck. The design is simple, spacious and above all, easy to maintain. The overhang shade keeps much of the heat out and the master cabins each have their own dressing area. The designers knew that to keep the interiors from looking cavernous, they needed all the play of light they could master. To that effect, the Athena 38 does not disappoint.

Sailing & Engine Prowess

 Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 sailing under sting wind in Turkey

source: Windtrips

The engines of this mighty craft are accessible by removal of the aft cabin berth cushion and underlying panel. The Athena cruises at 71/2 knots on flat water at 2600 RPMs. With sails, the Athena does not perform very well in low breezes but can jump to 10 knots in a short matter of time, with only a slight heel.

This catamaran makes it ideal for coastal cruising, which is why it has become so popular for charters in Turkey. From the coasts of Spain to the Turquoise beaches of Turkey, the Athena 38 will make for an excellent ride. It is no wonder, really, that it is named after the fierce warrior goddess of ancient Greece; the Athena 38 has the strength and the beauty to challenge every assumption.

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