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Boat of the Week: Bavaria 50 Sailboat, Mallorca

Mallorca is quite a well-known and popular holiday destination just off mainland Spain, but the prospect of sailing on a boat charter in Mallorca is also increasing all the time.

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Blissful weather, charming ports, and high-quality Bavaria boat charters are just a few of the many reasons for this but either way, the island is also an affordable place to charter a boat which makes it all the more enticing.  That being said, choosing the right vessel for your trip is of the highest importance, and in this regard, the Bavaria 50 Sailboat is taking all the plaudits for being such an incredibly unique and comfortable option.

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Here we will take a look at what makes this particular yacht charter so worthwhile and the many benefits you can expect to encounter while sailing in Mallorca:

Bavaria 50: Boat charter Mallorca will never be the same

a family holiday on a Bavaria 50 cruiser in Mallorca

Source: Horizon Yacht Charters

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As with many boats made by this manufacturer, the Bavaria 50 has a very spacious interior which makes it ideal for families or large group travel. Some of this space can be used for storage, but this five berth cabin yacht means there is also ample space for both the crew and passengers alike. Capable of carrying up to ten people, the Bavaria 50 is also equipped with state of the art facilities and a particular design which adds a stylish feel to what is already a very comfortable experience.

Renowned for being a “workhorse” of the most practical nature, this boat is also a very wise choice when it comes to choosing a charter as you can expect a reliable performance from the 75HP engine as well as every other component of the yacht. Take for example the GRP Hull, sturdy cross beam, and reasonably large fuel capacity; these are merely features of the vessel which guarantee a safe journey as you sail around Mallorca while ensuring it is also an affordable adventure.

Some quick facts about the Bavaria 50

Bavaria 50 sailing in Mallorca in Spain

Source: Horizon Yacht Charters

In terms of boat charter Mallorca, the Bavaria 50 has a reputation for covering all angles, and this can be seen both in the design and performance of the boat. Featuring a healthy number of cabins and solid statistics elsewhere, rest assured this will be the ultimate companion for your time on the ocean.

  • Number of cabins – 5
  • Number of Berths – 12
  • Number of Toilets – 3
  • Length – 15.4 meters
  • Cross beam – 4.49 meters
  • Weight – 13000
  • Engine – 75 HP
  • Fuel/Capacity – Diesel/320 liters

Feeling at home on the Bavaria 50

First built in 2005, the Bavaria 50 has quite a slender appearance, but the overall design and practicality of this boat ensure you will always get more than you bargained for on board. In many ways, this is also down to the low cost when it comes to Bavaria boat charters which are arguably one of the most reasonable in the market.

family sailing a yacht on holiday

Source: Samboat

Yes, chartering a boat in Mallorca is a wise decision but also a very affordable one in a time when yachting has become so affordable. You will feel at home on this charming island and enjoy everything it has to offer, but by choosing the Bavaria 50, you are also ensuring the same experience on the ocean.

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