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Boat Rentals in Pag, Croatia: Experience the Unique Catamaran Lagoon 620

Boat Rentals in Pag, Croatia: Experience the Unique Catamaran Lagoon 620

Pag is considered as the second longest island of the Adriatic and is one of the best sailing destinations in Croatia. It boasts the best of Croatia’s history, where you can stroll down the narrow cobbled streets of the old town that’s set in a small and hilly peninsula. Pag is also famous for its salt production. In fact, there’s a museum of salt in the island. They are also known for their olive oil production where most olive trees are more than a thousand years old already.

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Pag island in Croatia

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The best way to fully enjoy these interesting sites in Pag is onboard the unique catamaran, Lagoon 620.

What You Need to Know about the Lagoon 620

Lagoon 620 catamaran sailing

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When it comes to boat rental Croatia, the Lagoon 620 should be on top of your list. The catamaran is known for its topnotch performance, utmost comfort and one of a kind luxury. In fact, the catamaran was designed with ultimate luxury in mind. The vessel’s massive size makes for a spacious and comfortable way of enjoying the Croatian coast. Thus, when it comes to a luxurious boat rental Croatia, the best choice would be the Lagoon 620 Catamaran.

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The main draw of the catamaran is its massive capacity. It’s built on a large scale, which is capable of big housing groups of passengers. If you choose the 620 for your sailing day or vacation, you will feel like you are onboard a luxurious floating hotel. Moreover, the cockpit galley of the vessel is designed to make the passengers feel comfortable while enjoying an unforgettable sailing holiday in Croatia.

Why Choose the Island of Pag for your Boat Rental in Croatia?

aerial view of Pag island coast in Croatia


As mentioned, the island of Pag has lots of interesting sights. The rich history and culture of Pag are just one of the many reasons why many would choose to go there when renting a boat in Croatia. The church of the Assumption of Mary and the St. George church, as well as the stone city walls of the town, are worth exploring on your boating holiday.

You can anchor your boat at the ACI Marina Simuni while you enjoy the beautiful beaches of Zaglava and Rucica. The Caska Bay, which is right next to the Zrće, is a famous beach in the Adriatic, that is calmer and more beautiful.

When Is the Best Time to Go Sailing in Croatia?

Luxury sailing experience by the Lagoon 620 Catamaran in Croatia

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The climate of Croatia is typical to the Mediterranean and provide for a pleasant sailing holiday all throughout the year. The best season for yachting is during the early summer in May and June where you can enjoy good winds. At this time of the year, boat rental in the island is so in demand. Thus, it is best to rent a boat as early as possible. This is also the best time to visit the island of Pag and explore its interesting sights. Sailing in Croatia is very popular. There is a wide range of boats available for you to choose from. But if you want to enjoy the islands at its best, you should opt for the Lagoon 620 catamaran.

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