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Boating Holidays: Sail for a week in Croatia with the magnificent Dufour 385 Grand Large

Croatia is quite often at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular sailing destinations in Europe, and this is for a good reason. After all, this alluring haven is filled with impressive sights, fine restaurants, and beautiful marinas, where you can moor your yacht while you explore the nearby sights. In fact, the best way to fully experience this enchanting coastline is while sailing in Croatia.

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In case you might be asking yourself, the magnificent Dufour 385 Grand Large is one of the most sophisticated and well-equipped yachts to take in this stunning part of the world. Here are some of the most impressive features and benefits of this particular vessel:

Designed By Umberto Felci

Umberto Felci boat designer of Dufour 385 GL

source: YouTube

As part of a new fleet of boats, Dufour has commissioned Umberto Felci, a world famous yacht designer known for designing fast and seaworthy racing yachts. Indeed, the 385 has an attractive hull with clean and well-appointed interiors. Furthermore, the vessel is equipped with a significant beam and freeboard, which allows for a more comfortable cruising experience. Compared to the other recently released Euro-produced boats, this 38-footer has quite a moderate dimension, and other yachts with similar size are often a lot heavier and wider.

Unique and Interesting Layout

dufour 385 GL in sailing the coast of Croatia

source: Yacht Base

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The deck arrangement of the Dufour 385 is somewhat unusual. It features a natural length, not too small and not too big. Felci has decided to install two steering positions. However, the Dufour tend to have smallish wheels. On either side of the consoles, there is a compass and a primary winch ahead of each wheel. Since the wheels of the 385 is a bit on the smaller side, the skipper should be able to easily steer and sheet the headsail altogether. At the cockpit centerline of the boat, you will find a drop side table made of teak. Despite it being in the middle, it’s easy to walk past on.

Classic Modern Designed Accommodation

a nice and luxury wooden interior of Dufour 385 GL


The Dufour 385 features a classic modern accommodation. It’s equipped with three cabins, two at the stern and another one in the bow. There are also two bathrooms and one en-suite bathroom. Due to the two cabins aft, the designer has decided to place the galley amidships, at the port side. There’s a spacious dinette at the opposite of the centerline seating, giving the cook a place to brace against. The interior trimmings of the Dufour 385 are made of timber up into the deck line. Its overhead lining is moulded and comes with fabric inserts. The overall quality of the internal mouldings is impressive, especially at the stern cabins.

Impressive Sailing Performance


All considered, the Dufour 385 Grand Large offers a remarkable sailing performance, which is why it’s a highly recommended sailing boat for long-term sailing in Croatia. When sailing at 10 to 12 knots of wind, the 385 is quick and highly responsive. While the helm is smooth, each of the dual helm stations also come equipped with comfortable seating and plenty of space.

Simply put, if you yearn for a comfortable cruiser to explore the stunning coastline of Croatia, the Dufour 385 Grand Large is nothing short of a perfect companion.

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