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Can You Get Seasick on a Catamaran?

Can You Get Seasick on a Catamaran?

The most simple answer to the question if you can get seasick on catamaran most simply answered it would be “yes, you can, however…”. Yes, however, people who are sensitive to motion sickness are less likely to get sick on a catamaran in comparison with other mono-hull vessels. This is simply because catamaran motion is gentler and more predictable. The interesting thing here is that these vessels can prevent sickness as well while in the hull.

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Catamarans are also less likely to make you sick because of the overall structure and the design of the boat. This is because they are a multi-hull vessel with their living quarters based on the deck on top. The boats have separate twin engines placed away from the living quarters, which can prevent seasickness by keeping the noise and the fumes away from where you stand at the moment. This is why cats are often used for commercial or tourist vehicles – because if you cruise with them you have a decreased chance to become seasick.

Even though you have an incredibly small chance of getting nauseated while cruising with a catamaran, there are things you can do when it comes to overcoming seasickness completely.

How to Get Over Seasickness?

Can you get over seasickness, really? Well, if you are one of those people who don’t know how to overcome seasickness we have a few tips that can help you solve that issue. Or, at least make the process easier.

The first thing you need to check is what type of vehicle you will be on. If nothing else, this will help you plan for the journey and you will be able to predict the degree of sickness you can experience. After you are prepared for the journey, there are a few basic things you can do in order to reduce the feelings of sickness while traveling.

    • Eat Lighter Meals
      Eating lighter meals and avoiding large or meals with a lot of fat can help you reduce seasickness. This works because queasiness can be worsened by heavy food sitting in your stomach.
    • Try to Dodge Alcohol
      Alcohol can cause nausea on its own and it can make things even worse.
    • Ride Closer to the Center of the Catamaran
      You should sit in a smoother area while you are on a boat. Smoother rides can reduce motion sickness. When you are on a ship, the closer you sit to the middle of the vessel, the smoother the ride is.
    • Get Distracted
      You should get distracted somehow, one way to do that is if you steer the ship if that is possible of course. This can help due to the fact that most people who get motion sickness in vehicles find that driving or steering provides a distraction and requires focus in front of them that can help them fixate. This can be also effective for sailing.
    • Try Consuming Ginger
      Much in the same way you drink ginger while you are sick, this can help the nausea of motion sickness and travel
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