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Charter the Spacious Catamaran 570: Experience Leisure in Water

Immense luxury, incomparable comfort, and stunning design make every sailing adventure worthwhile aboard the majestic Catamaran 570. Yes, this amazing boat provides every passenger with the most memorable experience of leisure along the breath taking views of various charter zones. Interestingly, the Catamaran 570 is the top choice for all sorts of sailors all around the globe. Exceeding expectations with its power, speed, and durability, Catamaran 570 will definitely take your breath away.

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friends sail the Catamaran 570

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Quick facts-and-figures of the Catamaran 570

  • Length – 17.60 meters
  • Beam – 9.15 meters
  • Cabins – 3 double + convertible living room + 1 crew
  • Bathrooms – 3 +1
  • Year – 2008 Refit 2015
  • Capacity – 12 people day and 6 – 7 people night
  • Engine – Yanmar Diesel 2X 75HP

Flexible Accommodation

saloon of Catamaran 570 luxury interior

Source: Pier 7 Resort Marina

As deluxe and impressive as it may sound, the Catamaran 570 provides the most extensive room for every passenger. The vessel offers a massive selection of great room and spaces to move around. Accordingly, this ensures every passenger can spread out and move anywhere they want while enjoying the views of every destination. Some owners and clients would even recount the feeling of freedom to sleep anywhere they want while aboard this splendid chartering yacht in Croatia.

Unfaltering While under Sail

Catamaran 570 sailing

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The Catamaran 570 is an extremely powerful boat that can handle up to the moderate sea conditions. The controls take very light efforts while manoeuvring. This makes it among the most sought after and formidable sailing vessel for beginners and even professionals. In addition, it takes very short time to get the hang of the under sail capacities of this formidable vessel. This means from a few hours to even a day, the sailor will fluidly lead the vessel to the wonderful destination without any difficulty. Impressively, the Catamaran 570 is strong and steady amidst the changing winds condition.  Interestingly, the noise level is also extremely low with decibel of around 80 while at 8 knots and 2700 rpm. Accordingly, the best speed to enjoy the view is at 10 knots.

Extensive Interior and Exterior of Catamaran 570

Catamaran 570 deluxe interior

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The interior of the Catamaran 570 is amazingly made of the luxurious teak wood panelling. The floors then give a unique cosy feeling. Looking closely, the lines are clean and rounded. This gives the most relaxing ambience while aboard. Also, walking around the boat before every meal or activity allows achievement of the perfect view of the sunshine outside. Everyone can enjoy the picturesque views of every destination. The attractive interiors and design ultimately satisfy every taste and preference of passengers. In addition, the lounge, saloon, and cabins are marvellously designed to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

Among the best features of Catamaran 570 includes

  • Air conditioning unit
  • LCD Television set
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Electricity generator
  • Washer and dryer
  • Desalination Machine
  • Solar Panels
  • Auxiliary Zodiac ribs with outboard
  • Electric gangway

Exceptional Add-ons to travelling with Catamaran 570

Catamaran Lagoon 570 2 paddle boats

Source: Catamaran Charter Croatia

The Catamaran 570 attracts sailors with its cabin top with which vertical windows accompany. This window features amazing visibility through the main saloon yet mitigates the heat from the sun during high noon. It is highly preferred as you can hear the torsional load that moves through the window area. Moreover, these fifty-six feet long chartering vessel boasts resin infused fibre glass that brings optimum safety and confidence for every passenger on board. On top of that, the hulls, nacelle, and deck appear in structures of multi-directional E-glass over a balsa core. This is infused with a vinyl ester resin especially for high load areas. An epoxy coated marine plywood also backs up the deck gear of this marvellous sailing boat.

Catamaran 570: The dream choice for every sailor

flotilla of Lagoon 570 Croatia

Source: Catamaran Charter Croatia

The amazing chartering yacht, Catamaran 570 continues to provide unsurpassed and meticulously prepared features to provide the pleasure of travelling. For every family or group of friends, and couples, the journey is surely enjoyable and safe. It is one of the most highly recommend vessel for purchase or for rent. Every moment while on board guarantee the unforgettable leisure and experience for passengers of all ages. After all, life is best lived while doing what brings the most happiness and travelling on board the Catamaran 570 is a decision you will never regret.

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