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Why Chartering a Gulet in Turkey Such a Unique Experience

Chartering a boat is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the world but there are several types of vessels from which you can choose, from motor yachts and sailboats to catamarans and the truly impressive Gulet. In many ways, yacht charter Turkey is extremely popular in recent years for the improved tourism structure along the coast but with that said, the opportunity to travel or sleep on a Gulet is often irresistible.

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However, not everyone has had the opportunity to charter a yacht before and for this reason, let us explore the question as to whether you should consider this for your next trip to Turkey.

What makes a Gulet so impressive?

Gullet yacht sailing in Turkey


Well, one of the most enticing aspects of a Gulet is the size and beautiful layout on deck. Suitable for families and groups, they offer a huge amount of space in which everyone can relax. This can often feel very different to sailboats, for example, such as the confined and smaller nature of these boats.

Furthermore, Gulet’s are equipped with a wide variety of appliances and facilities to add comfort to your stay on board while the performance is never lacking in any department.

Why makes chartering a yacht in Turkey so appealing?


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As already mentioned, the tourism infrastructure is greatly improved in this part of the world but then chartering a yacht in Turkey is also the best way to explore the coastline. Accompanied by favourable weather, watching this coastline change and evolve is such an exciting way to experience the country and the waters in this region are mostly calm by night which usually ensures a peaceful sleep on the Gulet every evening.

Dream destinations to visit while chartering a yacht in Turkey

Gulf of Gocek islands


With all the above said, you should know that Turkey is home to incredible destinations and attractions, many of which are located on the coastline. From early beginnings sailing your yacht in the Gulf of Gocek and encountering the Ancient Antiphellos in Kas to the fishing village of Kale Koy in Kekova and the stunning bay of Marmaris, the variety of scenery is staggering. And then there is the ancient beginnings near Bodrum and mesmerizing sunsets on the Gulf of Hisarönü; there are endless attractions along the coast and each of them as memorable as the next.

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Tourism and general infrastructure in Turkey have excelled in recent years but the variety and consistency of attractions in this part of the world are the real draws which bring the tourists. From ancient remnants and historic towns to calm weather and beautiful waters, this is also a dream destination for chartering a yacht, while the Gulet is always present.

When you combine all of the above and consider the opportunity to sail a Gulet through such a spectacular and historically significant destination, the question is unlikely to be whether you should charter a yacht but rather how long can you afford to stay?


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