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Croatia from the Deck of a Sailboat

Crystal blue waters and pleasant weather are the perfect combinations which charm visitors in between the ancient towns and more than 1,400 islands along the coastline of Croatia. However, there are many attractions to explore in between the beautiful scenery including rich historical and cultural sites which originated during medieval times amidst this vast expanse of Adriatic seas. Each of the coves and hidden treasured on these islands is the remnants of Christian, Roman, Illyrian, and Venetian empires and not only are they a remarkable sight, but also a lasting reminder of the supremely rich history in this part of the world.

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Delightful Croatia Views

Croatia aerial view

Source: Kuoni

Indeed Croatia offers the most beautiful and mesmerizing views along its coastline and the surrounding nature never fails to leave guests in awe of its intricate charm. Each kilometer is unique and incredibly striking, while the act of just being “out there” amidst the serenity is usually enough to keep visitors returning to these shores year after year.

Here are some of the highlights to be uncovered from the deck of a sailboat in Croatia:

The Enchanting Island of Hvar

Hvar island in Croatia as seen from above

Source: Lonely Planet

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Among the old but gold islands of Croatia is this beautiful and enchanting site of discovery. Hvar features the Stari Grad by its northern side and a Gothic design radiates throughout the lively capital of this historic town. With the glistening waters and inviting pine trees accompanying the beach front, Hvar offers one of the most enchanting views of the coastline, from a comfortable spot in the shade.

Nautical Paradise of Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park in Croatia aerial view

Source: Wind Rose & sailing

Together with picturesque views of Croatia, Kornati National Park adds to the excitement of sailing in Croatia. This beautiful park features hundreds of breathtaking islands beneath canopies of pine forest and olives. While popular with regular travelers, the uniqueness of each island offers, even more, reasons for choosing a sailboat to get around. These islands include the Piskara, Levrnaka, Kurba, and Kornat which is the largest of them all.

World Famous Zlatni Rat Beach Bol

Zlatni rat beach on Bol island Croatia

Source: Triphit

Croatia is renowned for an extensive coastline and famous beach choices that ooze with charm and opportunities to relax. Surrounding the beach is a turquoise blue that shines in the sun while the island also shifts with varying sides and angles. Amazingly, this beach is only one of many to encounter in this part of the world which only adds to its lure for chartering a yacht in Croatia.

Marco Polo Roots at Korcula

Marco Polo authentic souvenir shop in Korcula Croatia

Source: Elcoleccionistadeciudades

Korcula as seen from above

Source: Elegant Gates

Sailing in Croatia also encourages guests to visit this beautiful gem between the sites of Mljet and Hvar. The island radiates its ancient spirit supported with the old squares and churches. Astonishing hidden paths and small coves are also visible while traveling around the island by a sailboat. On top of that, this historic site serves as home and birthplace for Marco Polo. Consequently, the stunning beauty will surely make people on a sail for a stopover.

Brilliant Ports and Charter in Split

3 boats cruising

Source: TripAdvisor

Most sailing vessels begin in this port town which also caters for most of the large cruise ships in Croatia. Split is a beautifully preserved and treasured Roman city that offers quite a vast collection of culture and history. This charm couples with sparkly bluish to greenish waters that go along well with the orange tones of the city’s roof and buildings. Over the years, this site witnessed the enormous amount of tourists who long to see the world class chartering sites of Croatia and Adriatic Seas.

Treasurer of Atlantic, the Dubrovnik

With unrivaled views and unique charm, Dubrovnik is one of the most idyllic cities to visit while sailing in Croatia. Take the ancient walls, for example, that stand with unparalleled majesty and extraordinary history. Yes, Dubrovnik is famous for its impressive gateways and winding alleys but let us not forget the many terraced restaurants and historical stairways and churches which also make this a perfect getaway and view while on deck.

The perfect location for sun, sea, sand, winds, and mesmerizing scenery, Croatian is the ultimate destination for the cruise of a lifetime. Whether you choose to explore its fascinating nature from the comfort of your deck or reel in the rich history which is apparent at every turn, sailing in Croatia is sure to be an adventure you will never forget.

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