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Hvar: Beautiful Island in Croatia

Hvar: Beautiful Island in Croatia

There are many reasons why people would visit Hvar, a beautiful island in Croatia. With its winding marble streets, beautiful buildings in the Gothic architecture, and lots of fabulous restaurants and bars, Hvar is truly a perfect destination for those who are looking for a fantastic destination when renting a boat for sailing in Croatia. The island is situated on the breathtaking coasts of the Adriatic Sea and is also considered the Queen of the Dalmatian Islands. Thus, sailing in Croatia, particularly in Hvar, is truly a one of a kind experience.

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Although Hvar itself is a beautiful island to explore, there are several other interesting places nearby that are worth a visit.  Here are some of the most interesting places to visit when sailing on a boat at Hvar:


A resort in Jelsa on Hvar island in Croatia

source: Uniline Croatia

This is a charming small town known for its special charm. In fact, this should be included on your list of places to visit when renting a boat in Croatia. Here, you can go sightseeing and explore while enjoying the interesting sights of the town. Just like in the island of Hvar, the town of Jelsa has a berth in its town centre. This is the best place to have a cup of coffee or gelato. The town also has a charming public garden that is worth a visit, as well as a Lapidary and other charming remains of this old city. With these beautiful sights, its no wonder why the town of Jelsa is often the best place to visit when renting a boat in Croatia.


the Vrboska marina on Hvar island in Croatia

source: Takeadventure

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Known as the Little Venice, the municipality of Vrboska is another place you should include on your list of places to visit when renting a yacht to go sailing in Croatia. It’s called Little Venice for a reason – the town is dotted with several small bridges, which connects both sides of the narrow bay where it is situated. Some of the interesting sights in this beautiful town are the Fisherman’s Museum and the St. Mary Church.

Stari Grad

towns marina of Stari Grad on Hvar island in Croatia

source: Apartments and Boat Rentals in Bol, Croatia 

Stari Grad is another beautiful place to visit when renting a yacht for sailing in Hvar. The place used to be the capital of the island and is filled with so many interesting sights, such as the Tvrdalj, which is said to be the summer palace of Petar Hektorović, a famous Croatian poet. There is also the Stari Grad Plain, an agricultural landscape that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You will also find berths at the very centre of the town, right at its natural bay, where you can moor your boat when sailing in Croatia. The Stari Grad is a very quiet and peaceful place, ideal for those who are looking for a romantic and relaxing way to enjoy boating in Croatia.

Pakleni Islands

aerial view of boats sailing Pakleni island in Croatia

source: Split Adventure

Another famous island that is often visited by those who are renting a boat is the Pakleni Islands. This is an archipelago located right in the vicinity of Hvar and is a great place to visit for a day of renting a boat. The island has several small coves and bays where you can drop the anchor of your chartered boat and frolic at the gorgeous emerald water.

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