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Discover Greece in 7 Days

Sail away into the adventure of a lifetime and one of the most historic destinations in Europe, never mind Greece. Colors collide throughout the beaches, historic towns, and famous ancient ruins on every island while various secluded coves also offer interesting opportunities to explore and get lost. All it takes is a seven-day cruise to witness the best of Greece from the sanctuaries of the sea.

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Uncovering Beautiful Islands of Greece

coast of Mykonos Island in Greece

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At their most beautiful, you are sure to be amazed and mesmerized by the magnificent Greek islands, but it is also the experience of seeing them while sailing in Greece which makes it most fascinating. Without a schedule and with complete freedom to choose your destinations, sailing in Greece guarantees the visitor a great vantage point from which to enjoy the sights. Yes, the ports and cities set as starting points for fascinating explorations of the islands which always add to the enjoyment of a high-quality sailing adventure.

Chartering through Crete Islands

a satellite view of Crete Island

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As one of the largest islands near the North African coast, the Crete island features the majority of Minoan historical sites. This serves as the boundary of the most visited islands of Greece. Usually, the mountains sequester in snow. While sailing, guests can visit the Malia Palace at Milatos, Spinalonga lagoon, Paleohora, and castle ruins. Also, the yachting adventure continues at the charming ports of Panormos and Iraknon which opens for museums and great ports when sailing from Thira or Santorini.

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Sailing along the Secrets of Cyclades

Cyclades in Greece

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True to its name, the Cyclades features islands in a circular formation. It embraces the Delos Island, the birthplace of Apollo. The islands lack trees and the summer sea winds give the distinct hot and cold, while winter winds are sharp.

cyclades islands sailing route on a map of Greece

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The picturesque view of the world famous whitewashed houses and windmills including the thatched roofs. Among the most attractive islands waiting for your explorations include the Santorini, Sifnos, Folegrandos, and Naxos. The less worn tracks help to avoid crowds and sequester anchorages of natural beauty and archaeological sites like no other.

Under Sail of the Northern Sporades Islands

Northern Sporades islands in Greece on Google Earth map

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Among the inhabited islands of Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros, and Pelagos, you can also expect some of the most wonderful sites in Greece while on a sail. In fact, a yacht charter in Greece is the perfect way to explore the Mediterranean and Turkish coastlines. Stunning bays enchant every visitor, and each port includes towns, with traditional tavernas that offer refreshment along each narrow streets. It is also great to visit the National Marine Park of Alonissos and the Venetian building styles of Skopelos.

Cruising the Most Beautiful Coastlines

Saronic islands in Greece sailing tour on a map

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Among the best sites to see while sailing in Greece includes the island groups of Aegean, Ionian, Dodecanese, and Saronic. Each of the isle groups promises picturesque views, wonders, and activities while chartering along the most spectacular views. Rod and Kos feature the best sightseeing area of the Dodecanese. While the Aegean islands boast gulls, dolphins, and abundant marine wildlife. The Ionian islands offer its unique collection of flora that includes olive groves, vineyards, pines, and cypress. Moreover, the peaceful coastlines and unspoiled beauty manifest among the Saronic islands which ensure you will never forget your adventure and most memorable experience while sailing in Greece.

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