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Discover Omis – The Historic Home of the Corsairs!

Discover Omis – The Historic Home of the Corsairs!

The conventional notion of a pirate – skulls, beards and a general preference for rum – might belong in blockbuster movies and novels in most parts of the world today. But there are certain niches and well-preserved nooks, in which their presence is still strongly felt to this day. Take Omiš for example, a Croatian town 25km down the coast from Split. Here, pirate-lore is celebrated as part of a rich, swashbuckling history. Only the fortified walls stand as the living testimony of those days when the famous Corsairs of Almissa roamed to plunder but also to protect the city from foreign invaders. The spirit, however, is alive than ever before.

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cute houses and surroundings of omis croatia

source: Anshar Photography

What can a visitor to Omiš see and do today? With undeniably breath-taking views and diversity in topography, Omiš offers much to the modern adventurer. You might not get to be the corsairs of old – but you can still look at the same sights and enjoy the same sea as they.

While at Omiš…

Go snorkeling or diving

a woman snorkeling in Omis Croatia

source: Croatia Cruises & Tours

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It goes without saying, that any Croatian town bordering on the sea can enjoy its beauty without limit. So why not start savoring its many attractions from below the sea? As you sail through to Omiš and its neighboring islands of Hvar and Brač, take a plunge in the crystalline sea and sample the beauty of the reefs and the clear, clean waters.

Go kayaking or canoeing

a couple goes kayaking to explore Omis

source: Raftrek Adventure Travel

Switch boats and climb aboard a kayak or canoe, making your way along the coast or up the river Cetina. Omiš can be found in the slice of land between the river and the sea, so a tour around Cetina can really give you an all-around view of the town. And for the adrenalin junkies out there, check out the river’s rapids and raft your way through amid squeals of delight.

Go hiking across the canyon

a group of friends hiking in nature in Croatia

source: Adventure Omis

The river Cetina cuts across a marvelous canyon that you can explore and make the most of. Hike up to any of the many vantage points, shield your gaze from the sun’s rays and look out onto the sea, the home of the infamous pirates many centuries ago. Along the way, stop at waterfalls and picnic your way up.

Go cycling or horseback riding

two girls in a forest horseback riding in omis croatia

source: Luxury Transfer Croatia

If walking is not really your thing, maybe you could try ulterior means of getting to your destination. The canyon offers a number of paths for those who wish to make the most of the views astride a bike. Likewise, horse-riding fans will find horseback riding tours at the town of Sinj, famous for its horses. Clip-clop your way up in a relaxing stride while basking in the beautiful sights.

Go paragliding or ziplining

a girl sliding down a zipline in Omis

source: Zipline Croatia

For those of you seeking thrills in the land of the corsairs, perhaps you’ll find activities bordering on the more extreme side to be to your liking. At Omiš, you’ll find spots for zip-lining across the canyon’s recesses and perches to jump off and paraglide over the blue seas. In both cases, the salty tang of the air and the rush will make you feel like you’re soaring – an experience you’ll be hard-pressed to forget.

Explore Starigrad Fortress and the winding roads of Omiš

a girl enjoying Starigrad Fortress in Omis Croatia

source: Where in the World is Nina?

Perched on top of the hill, this fortress is both a gem on the Omiš crown and a reminder of the darker days, when the fortress failed in its purpose and the Turks ultimately invaded. Today, it’s a relic, a memory of days when pirates roamed, defended and stole. Hike up and get a taste of what life was like in the 15th century or roam the charming roads of Omiš. When you’re tired and need to refuel for the rest of the day, stop at one of the many restaurants along the way to sample the bounteous Croatian cuisine.

Whether you’re here to relax, or to pump up the adrenaline, Omiš has what it takes to fulfill your desires. Sail to this small town like pirates had done before you. Don’t worry, however, you’re exempted from any action which might involve swords, war-cries, cannons or rum – unless the latter is sipped on ice as you’re rocked gently by the waves.

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