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Considered the Jewel of the Mediterranean, Malta is a beautiful island which features some of the most historic and spectacular sights in Europe. Being an archipelago of stunning islands, sailing in Malta is extremely popular and among the best ways to get around this paradise. Take for example a yacht charter Malta, which is not only quite a luxurious way to travel but also affordable too. Here are the highlights that will guarantee the most unforgettable experience while sailing in Malta:

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The Harbour Cruise Adventure

yacht cruising the Grand Harbour in Malta

Source: MIMCOL

The Grand Harbour is one of the most amazing ports in the world and provides a beautiful sanctuary not only for photographers but tourists as well. While sailing in Malta, tourists are always impressed by fantastic views of the Valetta and the three cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Senglea. There are also numerous creeks and ports that provide the guests with memorable experiences and then shopping centers to explore along the most famous promenade in town. Here are the most popular sights to visit while on a Harbour Cruise:

Sliema Creek

boats sailing Sliema Creek

Source: The Panorama Factory

This town sits on the northeast coast of Malta’s Northern Harbour District. Countless shopping opportunities, bars, and restaurants keep visitors entertained aside from the wonderful natural views.

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Lazzaretto Creek

Manoel Lazaretto Creek

Source: MaltaRamc

Serving as a former quarantine facility and hospital of Manoel Island, the complex building dating back in history adds to the charm of this wonderful site.

Marsa Creek

Marsa Creek in Malta


Located in the southeastern region of Malta, the Marsa Creek gives a home for the Malta Shipyards and also serve as a venue for annual competitions. History traces during Phoenician times to the Ottoman Empire that blessed it with wondrous buildings and culture.

French Creek & Kalkara Creek

boats sailing in the harbour of Kalkara in Vittoriosa Malta


French Creek serves as one of the server picturesque inlets of the Grand Harbour, while the latter boasts the Rinella Bay, with the only sandy beach in Grand Harbour.

Three Cities Wine Tasting Trip

Three Cities Malta


The perfect opportunity to get to know the fortified cities of Maltese while on a chartering vessel is something you never want to miss. This tour combines the exquisite taste to savor and wonderful heritage within each harbor and cellars. Starting from Cospicua, the double fortified harbor which hosts ships ever since the days of the Phoenicians. The history of this region traces all the way back to the sailors, merchants, and soldiers who dominated the Maltese islands before the prominence of the Valetta.

Comino Blue Lagoon Getaway

boats sailing in the Comino Blue Lagoon

Source: Alpha School of English

This wonderful site that provides the most preferred destination from yacht charter Malta offers an extraordinary ride. The crystal clear waters invite every soul for a dip. Sailing in Malta with a perfect yacht, this offers a getaway that will bring joy for solo travelers and families alike. The sea condition is perfect for any activity during most of the day. Night cruises also bring one of the most spectacular skies to see while on a night cruise. Here are the other activities to try while on the Camino Blue Lagoon getaway:

Canoeing and Kayaking

couple canoeing and Kayaking in Malta

Source: WindSurfing Malta

  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kite Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet Ski

Bahar ic-Caghaq Swim with the Dolphins

Bahar ic-Caghaq girl swim with the dolphins

Source: Arrival Guides

One of the most enjoyable activities while sailing in Malta is visiting the Mediterraneo Marine Park. Each visit, you get to closely interact with wonderful and trained marine animals, while bringing joy and fantastic experiences. There are sea lions, dolphins, and even reptiles that give shows and entertain in the most environmentally friendly way. One of the highlights here is also the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

boy kissing a dolphin in Mediterraneo Marine park

Source: Pexels

While sailing in Malta, you will experience not only its wonderful culture and history but also the delight of witnessing so many picturesque views of this Mediterranean Jewel. Affordable and easy to handle, yacht charter in Malta is a popular way to get around but make no mistake, it is also the easiest and best way to experience Malta in five days.

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