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Ferretti 960: Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

Ferretti 960: Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

The Ferretti 960 is a classy mid-sized yacht built by the Ferretti Group for the intended purpose of tailoring to the needs of the luxury traveller. Travelers seeking luxury and comfort as well as privacy can charter a Ferretti yacht due to its ability to be steered by anybody and not necessarily a profession. Furthermore, this beautiful yacht has a cabin built into the main deck with four other cabins on the lower deck.

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inside look of a deck on a Ferreti 960 in Croatia

source: Ferretti Yachts

The cabins on the lower deck are all equipped with own facilities with a vast glazing for natural lighting and great ventilation which ensures sufficient air circulation. This luxury yacht has a big master bedroom with spacious salon areas where guests are entertained.

Choosing a Yacht Charter in Croatia

a couple cruising in luxury yacht ferretti 960

source: Ferretti Yachts 

Choosing a luxury yacht charter Croatia is one of the best options for a tourist who plans to cruise the coastline and visit as many Islands and Islets as possible. There are many uninhabited Islands in this region too so you might want to plan a sailing itinerary to ensure you visit the best there is to see. Either way, the coastline is endless, and with so many beaches, ports and incredible scenery, the decision to travel on a yacht charter is always the right one.

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Due to the geographical location, you can also expect extremely nice weather for Croatia receives, even more, sunshine every year than Australia, while the waters are warm and crystal clear for snorkelling.

Which Yacht Charter should you choose?

a couple on a luxury 960 Feretti in Croatia

source: Inwards Marine

Choosing the right yacht can make your vacation not only memorable but unforgettable. Depending on the size of the group or the intended nature of your sailing adventure, you should always ensure that the boat will be spacious and comfortable, as well as capable when it comes to the performance of the engine. That being said, the Ferretti 960 has each of the above covered and with tasteful décor, impressive engine stats and plenty of space, this luxury yacht is a top priority for those who have travelled on one before.

The Ferretti 960 will ensure you never look back

luxury decorated saloon of a Ferretti 960 in Croatia

source: Consulyachts

Croatia is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in the world, and as this continues, we also see a distinct increase in the number of yacht charters every year. From spectacular scenery and interesting destinations to fine food and pleasant weather; the reasons are endless to come here, not to mention the opportunity to live on a yacht of this quality. Luxurious on the interior and solid in construction, this beautiful boat gives peace of mind in every way, while the cost of a charter can be a lot less than you imagine, so long as you book in advance.

While every budget is different and every occasion is unique; the Ferretti 960 remains the same, yet this somehow ends up being the reason for which it is so popular. You could choose a bigger yacht of course or opt for something smaller, but the fine detail and overall value of this vessel ensure that if you do choose the Ferratti 960, you will never look back.

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