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First time on a sailing boat? Three important things you need to know

Unless you are born into a seafaring family, sailing is often a hobby which is taken up by most people in the latter stages of their life – when they have more “time”. However, this is arguably the most enjoyable way to combine land with life on the water and see the world from an entirely new perspective.

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There is obviously a few tricks of the trade and secrets to mastering any skill, but the truth is, sailing is relatively straightforward and easy to learn. In fact, most people take to the seas after just a few short lessons, and one could argue that the best way to master sailing is to actually get out there rather than studying any manuals or books. That being said, books are a great way to get acquainted with sailing and to feel comfortable for your first time on a sailing boat, so if you have time, this is certainly recommended.

Three Important things you need to know for first time sailing

  • How to check the wind on a boat

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It may sound simple but knowing which direction the wind is blowing is a crucial step toward sailing competently. After some time, yes it is an easy task, but in the beginning, many first-timers will doubt their own judgment and make mistakes when they really shouldn’t happen. In this regard, there are also gadgets available to help you detect this direction but to save you the cost, check any ribbons or yarns tied to the mast to see which way they are blowing.

  • How to adjust the sails on a yacht charter

adjusting the sails on a yacht

When adjusting the sails of a yacht charter, there is another very specific process to do so correctly. Once the yacht is sailing in a straight manner, you need to ease out the line controlling the sails above until the “luff” (the front edge of a sail) is gently quiver in the breeze. At this point, you should pull the line until this quivering movement stops which is how you will know when the sail has been adjusted correctly.

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  • How to steer a yacht correctly

a man steering a sailing yacht

Another aspect of sailing which is easy to get wrong is the steering. Again, this is extremely easy to get the hang of, but you need to take time and master the subtleties that come with steering. Unfortunately, this is something which you need to experience while doing the actual steering but also keep in mind; it is important to master the steering before you adjust the sails on a yacht charter.

Mastering the process of sailing over time


man enjoy sailing on yacht


Obviously, there is a lot more to sailing than any of the above, but for first-timers, these are simple aspects which need to be mastered before moving on to anything more advanced. In theory, sailing is quite simple, and this can also be the case when putting what you learn into practice but keep in mind that no corners are ever worth cutting on a yacht charter and the goal as always should be to do everything right from the very beginning.

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