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The Greek Street Food That You Must Try

Food-related memories are probably some of our favorite memories (along with sailing memories, of course) and most of the time it’s the memory of simple food that remains with us for a long time: that delicious slice of pizza from the unpretentious corner shop or the unforgettable ice cream on that nearly deserted beach.

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We think that the Greeks have their street food nailed down. Indeed, street food in Greece is the sort of food that has been enjoyed for generations and is a part of the societal fabric just as much as the language or dialects; it’s the sort of food that you can find at the local taverna, it’s the sort of food that is incredibly cheap, and the sort of food that is utterly delicious. So, no matter where you’ll be sailing in Greece this summer, we’re sure that you will come across a humble little shop selling the most unassuming but amazing food. It is imperative that you sample as many things as you can from this little shop and then return the next day for some more.

Here are our top 5 Greek meals or snacks that are best enjoyed on a seafront bench, while exploring narrow winding streets, or after one too many drinks.


Souvlaki a greek specialty

Source: Souvlaki Greek Skewers

We’ve professed our love for souvlaki before but we love it so much that we just have to mention it again. Souvlaki is quintessential Greek fast-food and it is basically a meat skewer (most probably chicken, pork, beef or lamb) that has been grilled to perfection and then served with pita bread, salad, sauces and fried potatoes. There are souvlaki shops just about everywhere you go in Greece which makes it very easy to have a quick, cheap but tasty meal.


Gyros a specialty in Greece

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Source: Jackie Newgent

Gyros is very similar to souvlaki in terms of appearance and taste and one would be forgiven for mixing the two up. The key difference, however, lies in the fact that the meat in gyros would have been cooked on a revolving vertical rotisserie and not on individual skewers.


Greek Bougasta

Source: WeekendNotes

If you’re in the mood for a sweet breakfast, then you really have to try bougasta. Bougasta is composed of layers of phyllo pastry sandwiched together with a thick layer of semolina cream custard. This little slice of deliciousness is a very popular breakfast item and so it is possible to find freshly baked bougasta every morning in Greek bakeries alongside bread and the such.


Koulouri in Greece

Source: My Greek Dish

Koulouri is probably the most inexpensive Greek street food staple and is essentially a bread ring that has been covered abundantly with toasted sesame seeds (the Greek equivalent of a pretzel, if you will).  You can find many streets stands selling koulouri for as little as 60 euro cents and so it’s the perfect thing to munch on if you feel the need for a snack while site seeing.


Greek Tiropita

Source: My Greek Dish

Tiropita is a savory pie that is made with phyllo pastry and a cheese-egg mixture in the middle. Similarly to bougasta, this pie is also baked daily by many Greek bakeries along with a large range of other savory pies ranging from spinach to meat. We think that it’s the perfect quick lunch on-the-go.

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