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Choosing a Gulet Charter for a Luxurious Historical Trip in Turkey

Turkey is fast becoming one of the top hotspots in the world for chartering a yacht and while the variety of yacht charters Turkey is impressive, the history and stunning lineup of destinations along the coastline is nothing short of captivating. Take Kas for example, where the attraction is natural but then history can also be found beneath the exterior in spectacular remnants such as the Byzantine Amphitheatre.

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Chartering a Gulet Yacht in Turkey

Gulet Yacht sailing in Turkey


Furthermore, there is the Gulf of Hisarönü or the Bay of Marmaris with more evidence of these stunning attractions and why taking a sailing holiday in Turkey is the best way to encounter this region. Contrary to popular belief, living on a yacht also offers an extremely comfortable lifestyle. Featuring beautifully decorated rooms, ample space on deck, quality furnishings and a full kitchen Gulet charters are increasingly popular for travellers who enjoy a bit of luxury whilst exploring the history behind these natural surroundings.

Either way, whether you choose a gulet or a catamaran, travelling on the ocean is undoubtedly a convenient way to explore the coastline of Turkey.

Historical Kas, Kekova & Kale Koy

Kas, Kekova and Kalekoy islands in Turkey


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As already mentioned, a Gulet yacht charter Turkey is a surprisingly luxurious affair which allows visitors to get up close to the scenery but then they also provide an easy means of exploring the historical points of interest along the coastline.

In beautiful Kas, the ancient town of Antiphellos is home to the previously mentioned Byzantine Amphitheatre which looks out over the sea while the tree-lined streets of this picturesque town also make it a truly intriguing place to explore.

Traveling on a yacht charter to Kekova will also bring you up close to what is thought to be the oldest shipwreck in the world. Located just opposite Kale Koy, the ruins of this ship are submerged which add to the mystery surrounding the wreck. At the same time, the nearby village of Kale Koy is worth the visit alone and this small town consists of an ancient fortress along with a number of enchanting churches.

Roman Ruins in the Gulf of Gocek

Gulf of Gocek in Turkey as seen from a helicopter


While you will inevitably start or finish in the Gulf of Gocek, you should absolutely take time to uncover the ancient beginnings of the region. In fact, the ancient Roman ruins of Caunos and the renowned beach at Caretta Carretta usually mean that this region is a highlight when chartering a yacht in Turkey. When you finish exploring the remnants and reminders of the old world, there are also shining temples, busy markets, inviting baths and a theatre to keep visitors entertained.

It may not be as common as other package sailing holidays, but chartering a yacht is fast becoming one of the best ways to explore the Mediterranean. Affordable and convenient, they offer a simple means of reaching the most interesting places in each destination and when it comes to a trip to Turkey, Gulet yacht charters provide a genuinely luxurious way to explore one of the most beautiful and ancient places in the world.


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