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How to have the perfect island vacation in Greece on a yacht?

Greece is an ancient Mediterranean country that offers visitors the chance to indulge in some truly picturesque scenery with the backdrop of a fascinating history. At the same time, Greece is also the perfect island vacation for anyone who enjoys travelling on a yacht charter around Greece and witnessing the world from the ocean.

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Let’s take a look at where you can have the perfect island vacation in Greece on a yacht:

The Saronic Islands

sailing in the Saronic islands in Greece


The Saronic Islands are thought to be the ideal vacation destination thanks to their crystal clear waters, and relaxed atmosphere. Made up of 4 different islands, there truly is something for everyone.

  • Poros Island

yachts docked in Poros Greece


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Poros Island is home to pine trees, which appear to be engulfing the houses and hotels that dot the coastline. Head to Poros via the two-hundred-meter-wide sea channel that lies between the island and Galatas in the Peloponnese, where Hercules is thought to have Fought with the Nemean lion.

With inexpensive hotels and cheap places to eat, you can leave your yacht on the edge of the waters, and make your way into Poros and up towards the clock tower. Built in 1927, the clock tower nestles on top of the islands highest hill, offering breathtaking views to all who visit her.

Once you have walked back down the hill and into the town, make your way towards Kanali beach, that is just passed the bridge that connects Kalavria and Sphairia, and relax in the Mediterranean sun. When you are ready, head back to your yacht, and make your way to the Dodecanese.

The Dodecanese

 yacht sailing  in Dodecanese islands Greece


The Dodecanese are made up of 15 large, and 150 small Greek islands in the south east Aegean Sea. Make your way on your yacht through the archipelago, as you gaze over at Turkey’s shoreline in the distance.

  • Rhodes Old Town

Tourists visiting stone fort on Old town Rhodes island in Greece

Source: Flickr

If you love to visit ancient towns, head towards Rhodes Old Town that is found behind a moat and high walls. Take a trip to the Archaeological museum that houses ancient treasures that are 7,000 years old.  Make your way to the Street of the Knights, where the Knights Hospitaller lived from the 14th century.

people enjoying a swim on a yacht in Greece


Finally, head back to your yacht, and spend the evening lying in the warm summer sun, as gentle waters lap against the yacht.

The Cyclades Islands

tourists jumping off a cliff in the Cyclades islands in Greece


  • Mykonos

Source: Pexels

Considered the best destination for anyone traveling by yacht, the Cyclades are made up of a group of islands that appear to circle the Delos, which is considered to be a holy island. Visitors should be aware that between July and August, strong northern winds known as ‘Meltemi’ will find their way into the Cyclades, and make traveling by sea quite uncomfortable. Visit earlier in the year, and make your way to Mykonos, that although quite popular still has a traditional feel to it. If you love a bit of night life and want to enjoy a beach party, head to Mykonos, and party until the sun rises.

two sailboats racing in Mykonos in Greece

Source: Sail in Greece

Experience and uncover the hidden treasures in this incredible part of the world, while sailing amidst its many islands on a yacht. Spend your days sailing to ancient cities, and eating local foods by night, while planning your next trip to another beautiful island which is sure to have another ancient story to uncover on your sailing trip in Greece.

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