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Incredible Record Sailing Season for Croatia

Is it surprising that more than seven hundred thousand overnight stays were made on a yacht charter Croatia this year? After all, Croatia is already known as one of the most interesting, enticing and exciting destinations in Europe. From backpackers and group tours to luxury breaks and adventure activities; you can find everything needed for a memorable trip all in the one place.

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Tourism figures from Turizam

According to recent reports from Turizam, more than seven million overnight stays took place in 2017 which is a drastic increase on last year. From Dubrovnik and Rovinj to Umag, Split and Zagreb, every city, region and destination was included in these statistics.

2 couples enjoy the sailing experience on a boat

source: Yacht Base

However, the previously mentioned increase of seven hundred thousand refers specifically to overnight stays on yacht charters. Yes, more and more tourists are feeling comfortable with the idea of chartering a yacht and taking to the sea to explore everything it has to offer. Naturally, these figures are great for tourism in Croatia but then they are also a testament to the fact that the popularity of yachting is on the rise.

The rising popularity of yacht charters in Croatia

yachts sailing the Croat coast

source: Total Croatia News

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That being said, when you consider the convenience and excitement of sailing on a yacht charter Croatia, it should leave little to the imagination in terms of why charter a boat has become so incredibly popular in this stunning part of the world.

Featuring a wide variety of vessels including sailboats, gulets and catamarans there are sailing options to suit couples, families, groups and even parties. In fact, the ample space you can find on a gulet or catamaran, in particular, is often what entices first timers to spend their hard-earned money on a sailing trip in Croatia.

In some cases, chartering a yacht can be the most affordable way to travel in Croatia but as already mentioned, aside from the unique experience itself, the freedom on a boat is unrivalled by any other means of transport. Should you choose to keep sailing one day or stop unexpectedly in a new port, chartering a yacht brings a whole new meaning to the word spontaneity and in this regard, yachting in Croatia is often the dream adventure for many visitors.

Yachting in Croatia: The statistics tell the story

a group of friends chartering a boat and sail croatian seaside


It must be said that the increase in people visiting Croatia will naturally mean more crowds and long lineups during the busy season, but we must also remember the great benefits you can find on a yacht at any time of year. Offering a new perspective of the land from the sea and the ultimate freedom to choose between cities, islands and more time roaming the sea, yacht charters are not only affordable, but they also offer a quick escape from the more touristy places should you need to get away.

More than seven million people cannot be wrong and likewise, the seven hundred thousand overnight stays on yachts this year is a sure sign that sailing itself is fast becoming the best way to explore Croatia.

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