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International Regatta: The 9th Catamarans Cup 2018 (20-27 October)

International Regatta: The 9th Catamarans Cup 2018 (20-27 October)

Launched in 2010 the Catamarans Cup is an international regatta for cruising catamarans taking place each year at the end of October.

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When it comes to yacht racing events, the Catamarans Cup is arguably one of the most popular in the Mediterranean. In many cases, visitors will combine a vacation in Greece with this international regatta which takes place in the Gulf of Saronic with more than nineteen nationalities taking place each year.

Catamarans Cup: Racing for Every Level

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You will find that many sailors take part just for fun. With this in mind, participants can expect a safe environment, friendly competitors and stunning scenery at every turn.

In case you might be asking yourself, the Gulf of Saronic is situated next to the eastern terminus of the Corinth Canal in the Aegean Sea. Interestingly, this ancient sea was named after a mythological king named “Saron” who died tragically in a drowning accident.

In terms of entry requirements, the Catamarans Cup is very accommodating to all levels of experience, and the competition is much more focused on creating a fun environment as opposed to a competitive race.

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Requirements to Enter the Catamarans Cup

There are certain ways in which participants can enter and here are the most common entries we see every year:

  • Chartering without a Captain – Participants can choose to charter a local catamaran with their own skipper.
  • Chartering with a Captain – Alternatively, visitors can charter a yacht and also avail of the services of a local captain.
  • Join an Existing Yacht Crew – As there are always existing teams, visitors can often join other crews as an individual sailor.
  • Own Catamaran and Own Crew – Needless to say, if participants have their own boat and Captain, they are free to enter and participate without the services of a yacht charter.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter the Catamarans Cup in 2018?

Although no prior experience is necessary, the cost of entry to the Catamaran Cup in 2018 is euro 750 per person which includes a shared cabin. Please also note that this price includes port fees and taxes but not the cost of supplies and fuel which needs to be paid on arrival. For solo entrants and private yachts, the entry fee is euro 950 per yacht and a further euro 290 per person.

If you happen to be a soSailize member, there is a 10% discount on any of the above.

Where Does the Catamarans Cup Take Place?

catamarans docked in the marina preparing for a regatta



As already mentioned, the Catamaran Cup takes place in the Saronic Gulf. However, the dates for this race are different every year, and in this instance, the race is running between 20 – 27 October.

If you need more information on the Catamarans Cup or if you need assistance regarding registration or joining a crew, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!


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