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IONIAN: A Memorable Sailing Trip with My Grandfather (Video)

With its multitude of islands and assorted nooks and crannies, the Ionian Sea is doubtlessly a dream location for the perfect summer vacation or sailing trip. This is something that we at Book2Sail are sure of. The video editor and director Ryan Clarke seems to share this opinion and decided to embark on a memorable sailing trip around the Ionian Sea with his grandfather Denis as the skipper.

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The thoughtful grandson decided to film this sailing adventure with grandfather and use the footage to create a unique birthday card for this fun-loving senior citizen. Indeed, this video clip is as enjoyable as it is heart-warming and it is impossible to not fall in love with the director’s lovely family. It is truly a delight watching them experience spectacularly sunny days and the odd summer shower during their sailing trip.

IONIAN from Ryan Clarke on Vimeo.

The whimsical Mediterranean-inspired music is the perfect soundtrack to this collection of beautiful shots full of lush vegetation, crystal clear waters, quaint seaside restaurants, gorgeous fresh produce and the perfect dose of cute felines sprinkled throughout. The Ionian Islands spring forward from the screen as a picturesque place full of mesmerizing scenery. The video clip includes images of the residents fully engaged in the famed idyllic island lifestyle where time seems to hold still and everyone can spare a few more moments to chat with friends and have an extra glass of wine. Indeed, one cannot look at these images without reflecting on the importance of making time for those that are near and dear to us. It is often seen as a cliché but it is entirely true that the best things in life are free and it is memorable experiences that are ultimately more valuable than things.

The only issue that remains to be seen now is; when are, we sailing to Greece, please?

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