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Is Sailing Hard to Learn?

Is Sailing Hard to Learn?

Many people that are interested in sailing ask how hard is to sail. The most simple answer they will get on that question is this –  the way you approach sailing is similar to the way you approach life. Some people will give up, and others will keep trying and eventually succeed.

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Yes, boat life is a challenge because when you learn how to operate a sailboat you find out that you can’t escape because there is nowhere to go. You are forced to work as a team, even though you may prefer to work alone sometimes. You can’t hide from your mistakes and you’ll have to come to terms with some hard truths about yourself. So, what are the things you need to know in order to have easy sailing?

You May Face Some Doubts About Yourself

Maybe you are the type of person who waits for someone else to solve the risky things because you are afraid that you will make a mistake, or you jump on both feet whenever needed. Perhaps you follow orders, or possibly you like to solve your problems yourself. No matter the type of person you are, you need to know that agreeing to live abroad a boat is basically agreeing to the unfamiliar. Now you have left behind your cozy apartment and went to live a life full of adventures!

However, the moment you will approach a dock and when the time comes to switch the fenders from the starboard to the port and you need to get the lines ready to tie off it becomes a bit more stressful, especially if you haven’t done this before. In life things will not go as you wish all the time, that is a part you can’t control. But the thing that is in your control is the way you are going to react – just inhale and exhale a few times, believe in yourself and do what needs to be done. So when you ask yourself “is sailing hard?”, just remember that it is very similar to the way you respond in life.

Tech Detox

We spend every day with technology. We wake up and first thing we do in the morning is looking at our phones. Technology is a necessary evil, but the beauty when you are on a boat is that it becomes a tech detox. This is a chance for you and your brain to reconnect with nature. It is a bit hard at the beginning because you will have a desire to check your emails or to post something, but after a week abroad, you will be enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature and you’ll forget about checking your phone.

Learning The Boat Mechanics

If someone asks you how hard is sailing, you can just let them know that it is very complicated. Actually, learning how to drive a sailboat is a lot complicated than a traditional powerboat. A larger sailboat has the sails, the engine, electrical and plumbing. Some people already know the systems, but those who are jumping in feet first and want to learn about all of these systems, the best approach would be to start using the information you are already familiar with.

When it comes to the electrical, you already use it every day – both the AC by flipping a switch in your home, and DC with the changing of batteries. For the beginners – AC stands for alternating current and DC stands for direct current.

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Maybe you don’t quite know the difference between a diesel and gasoline engine, but you sure understand engines have combustion that transfers power to the pistons, then to transmission to help move the vehicle forward. This foundation transfers to a boat. Understanding engine and engine-related systems are probably the most difficult thing to learn on a boat.

When you are on a boat, you need to know where things go and you need to know their respective role. And this will be the hardest part when you learn how to sail – plumbing. Perhaps it looks easy, but plumbing is really important. If you mess it up, the boat will go down.

How Hard is To Learn to Sail, Really?

Honestly, there is no right answer to the question ”is sailing hard to learn?”. Keeping things straight will take work and a lot of practice. It won’t be easy, you need a lot of knowledge and sometimes it won’t be easy to be around people. Being on a sailboat tends to lend itself to thinking, as well. It is a chance to take a step back, to reflect and recognize what it took to get you to where you are now. But at the end of the day, you need to remember that you have come a long way and you need to remind yourself that it is worth it.

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