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Italy’s True Spirit is Found On Its Islands

Renowned for Roman remnants, iconic landmarks, sublime cuisine and fascinating culture – the islands just off mainland Italy are widely regarded as the precious jewels regarding travel destinations in Europe, never mind Italy itself. In fact, when you consider the pristine expanse of ocean surrounding these scenic landmasses, it takes little imagination to understand exactly why sailing in Italy is such a popular way to experience everything it has to offer.

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couple enjoying on a yacht in Italy

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Naturally, with it being such a popular sailing destination, the various yacht charters in Italy are hugely popular and offer a full range of vessels from which to explore the islands. Choose to stop in just a couple of ports for longer periods or a whistle-stop tour of all the islands, the choice is yours, and the reward for sailing in Italy is the perfect way to enjoy the journey between some of these incredible island destinations. Here are three of the best islands to visit while sailing in Italy:

Sailing in Italy: Best islands to Visit


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Whether you stop over in Sardinia to explore the ancient ruins of Tharros or marvel at the magnificent canyon at Gola di Gorropu; the landscapes of Sardinia offer an incredible backdrop to an equally impressive encounter. Infused with a diverse collection of towns including the glamorous Costa Smeralda, and the Spanish themed Alghero, Sardinia is also home to an endless line of idyllic beaches with each of them accompanied by a turquoise and transparent ocean.

You can choose to visit just a small number of islands while sailing in Italy, but the largest island is simply not to be missed.

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a beautiful view of a resting area near Ischia in Italy at night


The natural springs on Ischia are often what seem to attract many visitors to the island, but the volcanic landscapes next to the Tyrrhenian sea are not to be ignored. Home to an unassuming, yet highly interesting town which features an immense Aragonese Castle, there is a modern core to life which is often a stark contrast to the surrounding regions.

Ischia is also full of world class restaurants and shopping which offer something to do in between a journey to the beaches and when you take that first glimpse of the iconic towns along the coastline, you will understand why this beautiful island is often an unexpected highlight while sailing in Italy.


tourists enjoying the emerald green waters of Capri in Italy

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Located in the Bay of Naples, Capri is one of the most visited islands for travelers sailing in Italy. In fact, it is usually the first choice for luxury travelers yearning for an escape from the city but with all the comforts of home.

That being said, the island of Capri is blessed with natural beauty, as seen in the beautiful landscapes and spectacular sea cave, Grotta Azzurra. At the same time, there are also castles here to break up your journey through the myriad of narrow streets in Capri town, while the Piazza Umberto has a certain atmosphere which seems to epitomize what is so intriguing on this peaceful island.

Sicily, Elba, Panarea, Stromboli, and Lampedusa; there is so much more to uncover on the many islands while sailing in Italy but above are certainly three of the most popular. You can reach these islands by ferry of course but why miss out on the best part of an adventure – the journey of sailing on a yacht charter to these incredible and unforgettable islands.

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