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Knarver Bay, Croatia: Your ‘Crowd-Free’ sailing destination

Knarver Bay, Croatia: Your ‘Crowd-Free’ sailing destination

While Kvarner Bay has garnered a huge amount of popularity in recent years, this is certainly one of the most isolated and hidden destinations regarding sailing holidays in Croatia. Located in the north of the coastline, the very opposite end to the city of Dubrovnik is a truly spectacular place to explore and an experience far from the tourist crowds in other regions. If you have time, by all means, travel the entire length of the coastline in Croatia but if time is a factor, miss out on Knarver Bay at your own peril.

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Away from the crowds and into ancient times

For this reason, while so many people focus on Hvar, Brac and co. for sailing holidays in Croatia, the Knarver region is just as beautiful and arguably more enjoyable given the lack of above-mentioned crowds.

Sailing in Opatija under the sun

source: Croatian Adventure

From quiet and luscious gardens to uninhabited islands and dolphins, there is much to excite the senses in this part of the world, and this is certainly the case when experienced from a yacht charter.

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Visiting Opatija, you can find yourself mesmerized by the lavish villas from Austro-Hungary times and in many ways, this can feel more like an elegant spot on the French coastline but without the celebrities on every corner. Further on, the island of Krk is one of the most charming of all, with cobblestone streets filling the small town and ancient remnants from Roman times at every turn. Another idyllic island to visit is Rab, on which you can sit in the old town square and watch the world go by, much in the same way as it must have done many years ago.

Food, festivals, and culture in Knarver Bay

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Whether you opt for the fish or local scampi, the seafood on sailing holidays in Croatia never fail to delight visitors either and with ocean views, who can argue that this is often one of the highlights of every yacht charter adventure. Furthermore, for a relatively small region, there are many festivals every year including the Knarver Festival of the Sea and the Chocolate Festival in December. However, you do not need to be here for these festivals to appreciate the traditions and culture which prevails throughout these events. After all, this is a maritime region where ancient ports and a primitive lifestyle are still to be found.

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As already mentioned, you can even witness bottlenose dolphins on a yacht, and this is quite a regular occurrence, not to mention how it symbolizes the impressive array of marine life in the region. Yes, it must be said that taking sailing holidays in Croatia is the best way to enjoy a different perspective but also to seek out the hidden treasures in every region. In this regard, exploring Kvarner is made easy on a yacht charter, for stopping over on each island is always convenient and the approach to each of these is also just as impressive.

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