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Mallorca: One of the best places to charter a yacht in Europe

Home of some of the best beaches in the world, and reachable by yacht, Mallorca is the ideal vacation destination if you want to get away somewhere special. At the same time, even if you are not lucky enough to own a yacht, Mallorca is still the ideal destination with stunning landscapes and reliable weather. Another of the reasons this is such a beautiful part of the world is down to its incredibly beautiful beaches, and amazing places to stop on a sailing holiday. Simply put, Mallorca has it all!

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Mallorca beach filled with tourists overlooking a cathedral

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How to charter a yacht in Mallorca?

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If you are thinking about chartering a yacht in Mallorca, the first thing you need to do is find a yacht charter company the good news is there are plenty of them around. Do a bit of research online, and look for the best charter companies, who will gladly rent out one of their yachts so you can enjoy a bit of sailing around the island.

Once you’ve found the right chartering company, look for a yacht that meets both your budget and your requirements. As soon as you have found the right yacht for you and your fellow travellers, book your vacation, and get ready to sail into the sun.

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If you’re not a sailor yourself, why not hire a yacht that comes with a skipper and crew? Although you will pay a little more to enjoy staying on a fully manned yacht, it will make your time away a lot more enjoyable.

What else does Mallorca offer?

In addition to stunning beaches, some of the world’s best yachts, and of course glorious sunshine, Mallorca is also home to the Mallorcan boat show. With more than 40,000 visitors to the show every year, Mallorca really has become one of the world’s greatest yachting destinations.

Once you arrive on the Balearic island head to Alcudia Old Town for a bit of architecture, and shopping. Alternatively, you may simply wish to head to one of the beaches that are so beautiful you could be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into a dream.

Lastly, the horseback riding tour that takes place in the evening will take you along the some very scenic trails, before offering you a barbecue dinner to enjoy while the sun goes down. Once you’ve had your fill, head back to your luxury yacht, and sleep the night away before heading off to another part of the island for another adventure.

swimming pool on deck of a luxury yacht in  Mallorca

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The beauty of chartering a yacht in Mallorca is that the island has something for everyone. Search online for ‘yacht charter Mallorca,’ and see for yourself how much fun you could have sailed around the island on a yacht with your family or friends, a skipper and crew.

Mallorca boat show winners

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Yes, if yearn for a vacation which offers something different, a touch of excitement and luxury with beautiful places in between, chartering a yacht in Mallorca is always a safe bet. One of the most beautiful islands and home to many stunning yachts to charter, you may come here for the beaches and fine weather, but you will also leave knowing that Mallorca is one of the best places to sail in all of Europe.

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