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Oceanis Yacht Charters: Travel in Style and Comfort in Mallorca

Oceanis yacht charters allow passengers to travel in style in and around Mallorca. Thought to be one of the very best yachts to enjoy a spot of sailing, Oceanis yachts are located beautifully while also offering a very specific touch of class. In fact, if you are planning on a trip to Mallorca, an island which is home to some of the most incredible beaches in the world, it would seem like a crime to pass up the opportunity to venture around the island on these comfortable and stylish yachts.

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Yacht charter Mallorca

Yacht charter Mallorca is all about fun, style, and sophistication, and if you are looking to rent a yacht in Mallorca, you need to sail in an Oceanis. Simply put, if you want a yacht that has been built to provide a memorable experience on the ocean, while allowing you to have fun, an Oceanis yacht fits the bill. So you should absolutely choose to travel Mallorca on a yacht and get ready to have a vacation unlike any other.

With that said, which yacht should you choose?

Which yacht should you choose?

If you have already decided on a yacht charter in Mallorca, congratulations, you can expect to see Mallorca from a new perspective. However, it’s not enough to jump on board any old yacht and head straight for Mallorca, and you need to spend time choosing the right yacht charter. Yes, choosing the right yacht could mean the difference between having an unforgettable vacation, and one that was only memorable once you reached the island.

Oceanis 38

friends sailing the Beneteau Oceanis 38 in Mallorca

Source: E Stock Yacht Share

The Oceanis 38 is an elegant yacht that offers enough room for eight people. Giving you the chance to relax at the helm or the bow, this yacht also gives you the opportunity to relax on the deck, and below. Some charter companies offer you the chance to use this yacht in and around Mallorca, whereas others may limit you to specific countries

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Oceanis 48

a couple sailing in a Beneteau Oceanis 48 in Mallorca going for a swim

Source: Sailing Forever

Although not as popular as the above, the Oceanis 48 is an ideal yacht charter for a particularly long vacation in Mallorca. In this regard, it is slightly bigger than the Oceanis 38 and is, therefore, better suited to fast sailing, but also a bit of cruising too. Similarly, this also means you can travel leisurely on your own itinerary, without the yacht holding you back.

Oceanis 55

Mallorca bound sailors on the Bennetau Oceanis 55s

Source: Benetau

As you might expect, the Oceanis 55 is a bigger and better yacht than the 38 and 48, making it absolutely ideal if you plan to sail to Mallorca with your friends and family. Capable of holding up to 12 people, this stunning yacht has excellent maneuverability and plenty of seating for any guests or crew that you happen to have with you. If you are yearning to travel around Mallorca on a yacht in style, the extravagance of the Oceanis 55 could mean this is the one for you.

Whether you prefer traveling in style over comfort or the other way around, Mallorca is a beautiful place to explore. At the same time, we cannot emphasize how there is a good reason for the popularity of an Oceanis yacht, for this yacht charter in Mallorca can turn a merely memorable trip into an unforgettable adventure.

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