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Our top locations for sailing in Ibiza

Let us, for the brief minutes you’ll spend reading this article, ease your mind into this setting: a warm Mediterranean sun just past its zenith glistens on aquamarine seas. The gentle rocking of the sea is lulling you into a comfortable sleep as the breeze picks up and cools your sun-drenched skin. The views which surround you put your desktop wallpaper to shame; pearly beaches enshrined by trees, a horizon dotted with small, green islands, the faint smell of fried fish wafting on the breeze. No, it’s not paradise but we think it comes pretty close. That’s because of we, at Book2Sail, have first-hand experience of this delightful slice of paradise and can offer yacht charters in Ibiza to all those interested.

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a girl enjoys in Formentera on Ibiza


We’re going to list down our favourite sailing spots on the Balearic coastline of Ibiza, and if your travel cravings kick in by the end of it, we’re only a message away.

1.Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta

boats sailing and tourists enjoying the lovely beach of the Cala Salada ibiza

Source: TripAdvisor

Both Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta offer visitors beautiful seas (not for anything was Cala Salada named one of the best European beaches), snorkelling opportunities and the chance to experience quiet beaches. The beautiful caves in the cliffs are enticing as much as they are stunning. Bonus points? You can order some of the best mojitos on the island and they’ll paddle up to the yacht to deliver the goods for you.

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2.Cala Bassa

table set for lunch on the Cala Bassa in Ibiza


You name it, Cala Bassa has it. From restaurants and bars to water sports, massage areas and a DJ oozing summer anthems all day long. Cala Bassa is a favourite amongst residents and is quite the photogenic destination. We’ve had professional photographers with our yacht chartering services in Ibiza who found multiple subjects to entertain their lens.

3.Las Salinas

Las Salina Beach Ibiza

Source: Luxurylaunches

The beautiful, sandy beach of Las Salinas is quite a sight: protected by sand dunes and pine trees, the surrounding terrain forms part of the Wildlife Conservation Area of Ibiza, an untouched virgin land right out of some Grecian mythological tale. We may also find secret coves while cruising along the rocky coastline, an exclusive experience for our passengers.

4.Sa Caleta

people relaxing on a beach in Sa Caleta in Ibiza

Source: Ibiza Rural Villas

Backed by red cliffs and sheltered by its horseshoe shape, Sa Caleta is another gem in the landscape of Ibiza. Apart from its picturesque, traditional fishermen sheds on the coast, you can ferry over to the bay and visit the first Phoenician settlement on Ibiza for your dose of cultural intake.

5.Es Vedra

boats sailing into the sunset of Es Vedra in Ibiza

Source: Pexels

The magic island of Ibiza, the sight of many UFO sights and a strong magnetic spot on this side of the world, Es Vedra offers spectacular sunsets, crystal clear lagoons and many stories featuring seducing nymphs to those willing to listen. Some also say it is the tip of the mythological island of Atlantis. Whatever the case, Es Vedra is one of the most majestic of the islands which surround the mainland and, hand on heart, we can verify this.

Ibiza is more than just the party island it is most popular for. It’s an island of secret beaches and lagoons so clear you can see the seabed metres below you. It’s the destination for the visitor seeking a relaxing environment but also for the party-goer looking for upbeat vibes and the chance to connect with people from all over the globe. Whatever your tastes, Ibiza has a corner just for you and with our yacht charters in Ibiza, we can take you there. Talk to us!

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