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Private Boat Holidays of a Lifetime in Turkey

Private Boat Holidays of a Lifetime in Turkey

Turkey, a giant sweeping down from Asia, come to rest at the Eastern basin of the Mediterranean. As influences from the far eastern borders of the country come to play with the warmth of the south of Europe, the country’s Mediterranean coasts are an oasis of natural wealth and beauty for any sailor. As boat chartering in Turkey becomes ever more popular, we’re here today to tell you why it has quickly become one of our favourite sailing spots.

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girl relaxing by the docks overlooking a coastal town in Turkey


When we think about Turkey, our mind is often drawn to Istanbul, a definite business hub and interesting destination to witness the clash of cultures. But Turkey is so much more than that. It is endless stretches of immaculate coasts, pebbled coves and sandy beaches. A place where the dense forest comes to dip its toes in the turquoise sea and where history is very much present in the ruins which crown the cliffs.

tourists enjoy swimming off a sailing gullet

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This is why we would only dream of visiting Turkey on a boat: seen from the sea, the giant is really one charming bay next to another, peppered by scores of secret coves and blessed by mild weather and excellent harbours.

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The Turquoise Coast

Every boat holiday in Turkey should commence and end around the Turquoise Coast, stretching from Çeşme to Alanya. While the gorgeous sea will be enough to entice you to remain there indefinitely, the cities hugging the coast are all worth a visit. The Bay of Marmaris is an endless stretch of sandy beach with more to do then you’ll have time for. Indulge in a seafood dish after your exhausting water activities in one of the many restaurants which dot the bay. Find one hidden bay amongst numerous along the coast, much like the one at Hayitbuku and dive in the clear sea. You’ll be forgiven for believing you’ve turned into a sea-nymph.

fleet of boats sailing down the shallow waters off the coast in Turkey

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The silence, enriched by the sounds of nature, will only aid the charmingly deceptive time-machine you’ll feel you’ve fallen into. At the Bay of Manastir, you can swim in relics believed to have been Cleopatra’s baths while at Fethiye, you can walk up to a ghost town. Evacuated by the people living there in the 1920s due to a change of laws, your skin will prickle as you take in the scene. The humbling and somewhat retrospectively sad experience will be well worth it though.

many boats docked in the marina of the exotic Bodrum in turkey

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For the history buffs, a stop at Bodrum is a must. The castle built by the Knights Hospitaller houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology today. Even from outside, as you circle it on your sailing boat, the castle’s impressive walls are a sight to behold.  The castle later turned Mosque, is also grounds for peacocks to roam freely, calling each other across the ancient walls. But Bodrum is also a hub for party-goers and some of the best clubs in the country are found here. So don’t forget to pack your glitzy party shoes if you’re sailing the Turkish coast.

a secluded private beach in Turkey with emerald green waters and sandy beachsource: Ist Travel

There’s much to do and even more to see around the Turkish Riviera. It is a veritable playground for sailors who will always find a new nook to steer their ship in. It is, after all, a giant which has come to sleep at the edge of the Mediterranean.

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