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Rent a Boat and Take Your Party to the Next Level

When you take a trip anywhere in the world, the aim or idea is usually to see as many interesting sights as possible. However, the concept is also to have fun and at some point, most travellers will want to party and unwind in between visiting the attractions in a destination.

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But why party on a boat?

Yes, you could head into town and take a bar crawl or rent a holiday home somewhere nice in Mediterranean Europe but simply put, nothing compares to a boat party. Imagine this standing on deck with a refreshing drink and good friends as the sun lowers to the horizon on one side and the stunning coastline of Croatia, Greece or Malta glistens on the other.

Absolutely no scenery is the same as that of on a boat party and if this is not impressive enough, then you also have the onboard facilities to take it to the next level. Renting a catamaran, gullet or any other boat usually ensures that you have a full kitchen below deck including the all-important fridge. Some boats have more than enough space to carry on cooler boxes so if the party is quite a large number, you will still have enough space to hold drinks for everyone.

From the sea breeze and iconic sunsets to the absolute abnormality of having a party on the ocean, boat parties are next level and then the most refreshing place to wake up the next morning.

At the same time, you should also know that not every vessel is suited to a boat party and for this reason, we have outlined some ideas for renting a boat below to take your part to the next level:

Types of vessels for a boat party

Motor yacht If you have a rather small group and prefer to be pampered a little bit, motor boats are ideal in that they have more speed and you can avail of a crew to man the boat during your party.

friends enjoying a chartered yacht in Australia

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Gullet – Featuring an especially wide deck, Gulet yachts are ideal as a party boat which is mostly due to the size and layout on board. Perfect for a large group and serving food, these are popular with family bookings but this also goes to show how ideal they are for hosting parties.

Turkish gullet enjoying a sweet sail


source: @holidayoflifetime

Sailboat – While a sailboat can sometimes be referred to as a slower journey, these are suitable for a small group and occasional party. At the same time, the deck may not be as comfortable for sitting around as the other boats we mention.

couple sailing a mono hull


Catamaran – As with a Gullet, there is ample space on a Catamaran which makes it perfect for hosting a boat party. Similarly, the onboard facilities are more than adequate and this is arguably the best boat for a party you will find.

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Where to book your party boat?

When it comes to boats of any kind, destinations, or whatever you need for a successful and unforgettable boat trip, Book2Sail have a reputation for exceeding even the highest expectations. Featuring a long lineup of impressive boats and placing a strong focus on after sales support, Book2Sail is renowned as one of the leading specialists for renting boats in the Mediterranean.

That being said, Book2Sail also know the value of convenience so you can expect a seamless booking process and know that once you make a reservation, you also have a reliable contact who will support you every step of the way.

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