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Rent a Boat in Turkey for One Week

One week deals rent a boat in Turkey

There is a lot of turquoise water, good sailing and sunny days in much of the Mediterranean, so why choose the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Turkey? The reason is quite simple. While you can test your sailing skills on almost any coast of the world, the most important aspect is the place you visit after anchoring at your destination. The tranquility of the isolated bays along the Aegean coast, the sincerity of the villagers with whom you are on shore and the rich history of the area make it a very special experience when exploring Turkey by the sea.

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Bodrum is the ideal starting point for sailing along the Aegean coast of Turkey. The Gulf of Gokova is recognized as one of the best cruising areas in Europe. With abundant sunlight, crystal clear waters, continuous blue skies, good anchorages, and friendly people, this coast offers many diversities.

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You can begin your trip in the Gulf of Gökova, then sail to several caves and bays in the Gulf of Gökova and fell in love with the deep blue. This area has enough impressive places to visit for at least a week of sailing. Imagine yourself on a comfortable chartered yacht, lying on the deck in the depth of the sea, sailing the magnificent coasts. Swimming in warm, crystal clear waters, diving, surfing, skiing, fishing or resting on the sandy beaches of towns and historic ports.

Sailing to the south, you`ll come to Dacta, an ideal place to stock up between Marmaris and Bodrum, is worth a visit, as it is still relatively untouched by tourists and very picturesque.

Bodrum is an attractive and colorful set full of surprises, sometimes humble, sometimes mad, it is freedom, love.  Bodrum is sun, sea and, after all, history. In short, Bodrum is everything and everyone. Here it rains differently and also the dawn is different. The wind blows differently, the sea smells like something else. Bodrum is the most mischievous, arrogant, most inert, most beautiful, most honest and most outspoken child of Mother Nature.

Marmaris was once a quiet Turkish fishing village with an excellent harbor, and in the low season, it still has that atmosphere. During the summer months, it becomes an important beach resort in Europe and extends to a population of at least 200,000. The city is located in the meeting place of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, in one of the largest natural harbors in the world.

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With a backdrop of pine-covered hills and an ultramarine blue sea, Marmaris is a resort that combines natural beauty with an amazing passion for life. Famous for its nightlife, the most extravagant of the entire south coast, this refined place offers the best of both worlds: The nightlife is endless, and numerous clubs and bars stretch along the coast from the elegant marina to Icmeler, the smaller nearby resort. On the other hand, the surrounding countryside offers the best of nature and culture, due to the scenic roads and friendly villages, which lead to ancient ruins and untapped beaches. Marmaris It is one of the most popular tourist centers in Turkey. Once you visit it, you will understand why.

Fethiye is a natural port city and a very popular holiday center with its magnificent natural beauty and its ancient Lycian cities. Ölü Deniz considered the most beautiful beach in Turkey, is nearby, and is a popular place to visit on your cruise.

Fethiye is now the center of one of the main holiday destinations in Turkey. As a location it`s a busy city and a port, but surrounded by a unique group of other popular destinations, each one incredibly different, but only 15 minutes apart, from the tranquil Ovacik mountain setting, to the lights and the nightlife of the party city of Hisaronu, the classic relaxed atmosphere of the beach of Calis and the beauty of the world famous Ölü Deniz. Fethiye has developed from a small town and a small time port harbor to a bustling and popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

Fethiye beaches with emerald green and sandy beaches

If all the places and all the seas were known by some color, the color of Fethiye would be turquoise. The word turquoise, a blue that has more than a touch of green, comes from the blue color used in the Turkish tiles. The most beautiful shade of blue comes and settles in the waters of Ölü Deniz. Towards evening, around sunset, you can catch a turquoise so wonderful that you will never see it in any other sea. If you call it blue, you’re wrong, if you say it’s green, it’s not that either, but both together. It is difficult to put it into words. It’s better if you go and see it for yourself!

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